Thủ thuật - Tiện ích - 7 mẹo xử lý iPhone bị chậm, đơ khi đang sử dụng
iPhone after a period of use often encounters slow, frozen or touch disturbances. Here are some simple ways to help you fix this problem.

iPhone is a device known for its stability and smoothness that far exceeds its Android competitors. However, in many cases, smartphones from the “Apple house” operate extremely slowly, freeze, jerk, and hang. The cause may be that the user installs too many software and applications on the machine, leading to a software conflict; due to full memory or due to continuous use of the device for many hours to play games, listen to music, etc.

If your iPhone encounters this situation, you can apply some simple solutions below:


If your iPhone suddenly slows down or opens very light applications but is also jerky, the easiest way to fix it is to try restarting the device. On iPhones with TouchID, you can hold down the home and power buttons, or hold down the volume up and power buttons on models that use FaceID to turn off the device.

After restarting the device, perform some actions or try accessing applications to see if the situation is still there or not.

Close applications running in the background

Trick - Utilities - 7 tips to handle slow and frozen iPhone while in use

If there are many apps running in the background, it will also slow down your iPhone and lead to stuttering. Therefore, please close the applications running in the background by going to Settingchoose General settings. Next, you choose Background App Refresh > Turn off if you want to turn off all background applications. In case you just want to disable some apps running in the background, you just need to switch each app to the state Off is to be.

Remove apps

Trick - Utilities - 7 tips to handle slow and frozen iPhone while in use (Figure 2).

With apps you rarely use, you should consider uninstalling so that your iPhone won’t slow down. To remove an app on your iPhone, hold down the app on the home screen, tap the “x” and select Erase to confirm delete the app.

Delete photos and videos

iPhone running slow can also be because the phone capacity is full. So you can delete unnecessary photos and videos to free up space for your device. To do this, you access the application Image > choose name Albums > press Choose upper right corner of the screen to select multiple photos to delete at the same time and press the trash can icon in the lower right corner to delete.

Once deleted, make sure you come back to the Albums> choose Recently Deleted > Choose > Delete all.

Turn on Reduce motion mode

This feature helps iPhone reduce motion effects, making it run faster. If you are using older iPhone models, you should regularly open Reduce Motion to limit the situation of the device being slow and jerky during use. This function also reduces the amount of battery drain of the device. To turn on Reduce motion, open Setting > General settings > Accessibility > Move turn on”ON“Reduce Motion item.

Turn off background app refresh

For apps that are rarely used, you should turn off their background app refresh. This will help the iPhone avoid having to constantly refresh and notify data, which can reduce the pressure on the device’s RAM and make it run smoother.

To disable background app refresh, you can go to Setting > General settings > Refresh apps in the background and turn off or on the apps you deem necessary.

Reset all settings

Trick - Utilities - 7 tips to handle slow, frozen iPhone while in use (Figure 3).

This method will reset all settings on iPhone such as language settings, keyboard, etc. To reset the device completely, you access Setting > General settings > Set again and choose Erase all content and settings and proceed to wipe the device’s data. Note that you should back up your data before performing this operation.

If you try the above methods but your iPhone is still slow, it’s best to bring it to a reputable repair shop or service center for support.

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