The employer is trying to reach people and he will find whoever cares about her. This is also a great thing for students to get a brigade and regular retirement. How to get a job and how to get it done so that all the pensions don’t run away right away?

When entering the elementary college, I thought that I would focus mainly on one student. I only drank quickly that student life is worth it, I can’t want my parents. Natst soon found out that he could work while studying. The hunter just has to organize it for a while, he remembers the study work arrests of 22-year-old Klra from Liberec, who helped with an agreement in a dog salon while studying veterinary medicine and worked as a teacher in training rounds for dogs.

While studying, 90 percent of students now live, 20 percent more than their parents did. And what does the young man make money for? You just have to spend money to get rid of and get dressed. Most of them, a total of 60 percent, state that they spend money and buy out electronics and travel.

Although students can work in full-time employment, most of them work part-time. But at first glance, the brigda is nothing. We usually work on an agreement on work activities or on an agreement on the performance of work.

Types of agreements:

  • o performed work You can work a maximum of 300 hours a year for employers. From remuneration up to 10,000 K msn, neither social nor health insurance will be paid.
  • on work activities It closes when you do not work more than 20 hours a week for your employer, but after that you will work for a long time. Up to 2499 K msn, you do not have to pay social or health insurance.

Only 18 percent of students live in the holidays, most often in the middle rounds and in the last rounds of the basic rounds. a quarter of students, however, can secure a full-time brigade and another 23 percent of young people run on both brigades. Hourly wages for young brigdnk bv are currently in the range of 81 and 100 crowns.

Students can also do business, while they have to pay left and small conditions of health and social insurance or ordinary entrepreneur.

Daov tips

I actually take part in the study of classes, you just need to think about the tax obligations. Students can’t avoid them, but there are a few tips that don’t pay so much on taxes.

It is good to know that they can give birth due to the fact that they nurture a student, dream tax and by 15,204 crowns per year. This salary for the period of study, which prepares their children for the future, until the age of 26 at the latest.

You and the student dream of it like that. He will deduct 24,840 crowns for himself as a discount on the fee and in addition go 335 crowns for each MSc study (discount for the student). Please note that even if the student does not work for a year, I will receive the full discount on the fee. In the event that the employer has paid any tax for it, it is paid to file the tax return separately and apply the discounts.

Where he took his pension

Employee and business pensions are not the only ones a student can receive. If he goes to the round, I will receive a so-called accommodation scholarship. Its usually differs from the sweat of the applicant, among whom there is a specific balcony. For example, Charles University last year, for those who lived in another district, not where they studied (or did not live in Prague, if they studied high school), amounted to 570 crowns.

Who is from a family with a low income, up to a maximum of 2.7 times the subsistence level, can receive a social scholarship. The condition is to dolo round the income. Dal vman income is a benefit scholarship. Of course, this is not the right one after entering the round, but also on the basis of all the study results. For example, at Mendel University in Brno it is possible to get a one-off 5,000 crowns, if in the previous semester the applicant ranks among the 15 percent of the best students in the program, has an average of not more than 1.5 and meets the conditions. Students will certainly appreciate the information that scholarships are not income from which they would have to pay tax.

For those who come from divorced families, one thing is to go first. If some of the parents are paying a living, they have to call themselves at the age of majority. It is psychologically a very nron situation, but otherwise it is not possible. On the other hand, thanks to the increased cost and age, it is clear that it can be achieved.

Discount, where to cheat

Students can apply for discounts at every step of the way. it is best to issue an ISIC card. The salary worldwide and there are many discounts on it in transport, sports, culture. The discount is now 75 percent of the basic ticket for the train and bus. He gave a great advantage is that it is not only between living and cycling, but vude. You do not have to prove yourself until you are 15 years old, later you have an ID card or student card, ISIC card or a standing metal card, from 18 to 26 years you have to prove your student status. born and named cola.

As far as telephone is concerned, student tariffs are offered. For example, Vodafone offers for 499 crowns a month unlimited free and SMS and 10 GB of data. But it is better to first ask the family if the employer does not offer someone to go to the right conditions for family shelters.

Beware of pjky and overdraft

If the student has not yet owned it, it is best to start it. Banks offer it today without any fees, so there is nothing to wait for. All you need is a citizen. Special students have another advantage, which is the possibility of a loan. Komern banka, up to CZK 5,000 free of charge, will allow you to have a G2 student account. Getting an overdraft or a credit card is not a big problem elsewhere, it’s just not free. The overdraft year is around 18 percent, with credit cards it can go higher. Be careful the bag, the loans would be very accessible and climbed in, don’t shake it and as a last resort option.