The Audi case against Rupert Stadler will soon be followed by the case against the former VW boss Martin Winterkorn. The court in Braunschweig has now specified the schedule.

Rupert Stadler made his career in the slipstream of Martin Winterkorn for a long time. The now 57-year-old Stadler owed his steep ascent at Audi in large part to his sponsor, 73-year-old Winterkorn. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, he brought him to the top management level of Audi as CFO, which he himself headed as CEO. And when “Wiko”, as he was always called internally in a mixture of fear and admiration, moved to the head of the parent company Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Stadler moved to the top post in Ingolstadt.

The courts are now dealing with the diesel scandal, a dirty and costly legacy left over from the careers of the two top managers. And in this matter, the former protégé is ahead of his former foster father for the first time. Because the criminal case against Stadler and three other defendants before the Munich district court began two weeks ago. On Wednesday, Stadler completed the fifth day of the trial in the courtroom at the Stadelheim correctional facility. Winterkorn and his co-defendants should only have their turn in Braunschweig next year.