An anonymous appeal is spreading on Whatsapp and Facebook: Because of the high gasoline prices, the gas stations should be boycotted next Monday. The ADAC makes other suggestions.

Will drivers avoid the gas stations on Monday?

VMany motorists are currently annoyed by the high gasoline prices at petrol stations. A liter of Super E10 last cost an average of 1.526 euros, 1.433 euros a liter of diesel. So far, unlike in France, for example, there have been no public protests against the high prices in Germany. At least there is a call for a boycott of petrol stations on the Internet on Monday, November 26th.

“Big protest action against rising gasoline and diesel prices” is the name of the appeal, which first appeared in Bavaria, but then also in other federal states. Whoever has to refuel should do so on Sunday, not Monday, is demanded in the appeal. The news is spread via the Whatsapp news service and on Facebook. In it, the recipient of the message is also asked to disseminate this information further, as a “sign against high gasoline and diesel prices”. An author is not named.

The automobile club ADAC, which had repeatedly expressed itself very critically about the high gasoline prices, nevertheless remained very cautious about the anonymous appeal. “We can not comment,” said an ADAC spokesman. Apparently, the action is not taken very seriously at the ADAC. The automobile club advises motorists to bet on the competition, to find out about cheap gasoline prices, for example with the help of gasoline price apps, and thus to use their market power as consumers.

Meanwhile, the price of crude oil on world markets continued to fall on Thursday. A barrel (barrel of 159 liters) cost 63.25 dollars at times, 0.4 percent less than the previous day.