Apple upgraded the ability to unlock Face ID when wearing a mask
In the iOS 15.4 update, the iPhone’s Face ID feature will allow users to easily unlock when wearing a mask.

According to GSMArena, one of the latest features recently discovered by Brandon Butch in the iOS 15.4 beta that Apple is developing is the ability to partially use Face ID – an option that would be useful when wearing a mask without the user. must be connected to the Apple Watch again. Even with a mask on, Face ID can be used to download Apple Pay, the App Store, and third-party apps.

To use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognize unique features around the eyes for authentication. Users can set up Face ID with or without a mask, and if they choose to use a mask, users do not need to wear a mask during setup. Of course, Face ID will work most accurately when it is only set up for full face recognition.

Besides, iOS 15.4 beta is also said to improve recognition when users wear glasses. Users may still have to remove their sunglasses when using Face ID while wearing a mask, although most eyeglasses work fine. Users can set up Face ID to identify each pair of glasses that they wear regularly.

Currently, users can update to iOS 15.3 version to improve security features for iPhone and fix some other bugs. Meanwhile, the next version of iOS 15.4 with improved Face ID is likely to be released during Apple’s new product introduction. Previously, the “tech giant” allowed users to unlock the phone while wearing a mask and at the same time wearing the Apple Watch.

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