Clients who have shared the property at their own expense can get the money back. Banks repay them in pension through mortgage mortgages. The condition of the bag is to doin invested own funds.

Banks are ready to help clients who find themselves in a situation where they have invested a lot of money in the construction and reconstruction of their homes from their own resources and now they do not receive any pensions due to any unexpected reasons. Offer clients the opportunity to arrange a mortgage loan and have the costs demonstrably spent on real estate investments reimbursed.

Only Komern banka offers a special product for repayment

All domestic banks will offer to repay their real estate costs back today. Only in one of them we can talk about a special product in exchange for this type of financing. This is Komern banka and its product Hypotka Dopedu Dozadu, when first at Hypotka Dozadu they wash the refund of the deposit, which the client paid for it from its own resources.

Other banks have the option of refinancing the cost of real estate in the offer of their standard target mortgage products. To this end, the TV set the parameters of the mortgage, such as e.g. maturity and years rate for individual fixation.In, resp. The maximum amount of the mortgage account is not strictly limited, depending on the closed mortgage product, the client’s financial situation and the value of the collateral.

For example, Potovn spoitelna, SOB, Hypoten banka or Wstenrot hypoten banka, which are interested in repaying the cost, can finance two paid-up funds up to 100% up. On the other hand, GE Money Bank will provide up to 80% of the value of the collateral.

In the event that you would like to return the funds spent on financial real estate with a mortgage from mBank, you would have to conclude a lead-free mortgage, including the so-called American mortgage, which has a disadvantage in the exchange compared to the target mortgage.

It is possible to finance the costs of any real estate

In the first place, the bank refinances the costs incurred on real estate for residential use, ie personal inside, which can include not only the property in which the client lives permanently, but also real estate that is used for individual recreation.

Raiffeisenbank, SOB, Potovn spoitelna and esk spoitelna pay special attention to the reimbursed deposit only for residential real estate.

He gave banks, such as GE Money Bank, Volksbank, LBBW Bank, and Hypoten banka, a refund of the costs of any property. You can finance investments in real estate for housing, individual recreation, rent, land, garage, swimming pool or sauna.

The amount of the reimbursement is determined according to the use of own funds

Clients have the opportunity to refinance funds invested primarily in the purchase of real estate, construction and reconstruction.

Some banks, such as UniCredit Bank, SOB, Volksbank or Wstenrot hypoten banka, also include landscaping, a castle for the transfer of the first and the obligation for crushed flats, refinancing of two provided real estate, etc.

Martina Lambert points out one of the conditions of financing in LBBW Bank: “If the real estate is being financed at the same time as the mortgaged property, it must be completed (approved), possibly. must be completed with the help of a mortgage loan from LBBW – ie it is a combination of el refinancing own resources and completion of real estate. ”

You always have to prove your own resources invested in real estate

If you decide to use the reimbursement of the cost of the property, be prepared, of course, for the fact that the bank will require the necessary documents from you.

Of course, there are standard documents, as in the case of a fairly classic mortgage, ie. documented income or tax return, proof of identity, documentation of the property (title, deposit, etc.).

At the same time, it is necessary to prove the payment of your own funds and their investment in the building, ie to submit documents about the castle cost (eg entry from here), purchase contract or construction contract, and thus documents proving the applicant’s obligation to pay costs (eg supplier invoice).

You can refinance costs for at least a year back

Half of the banks will be able to reimburse your invested funds using a maximum of 12 months.

However, there are exceptions, such as GE Money Bank and Volksbank, which reimbursed the costs back three years.

How long back can you finance your own real estate costs?

Bank Maximum time for reimbursement of expenses
esk spoitelna 24 msc of podn dosti o hypotku
UNDER 12 msc of podn dosti about mortgage
GE Money Bank 36 msc of podn dosti o hypotku
Mortgage bank 12 msc of podn dosti about mortgage
Komern bank purchase of real estate: 12 msc from the date of receipt of the purchase contract by the bank
installation / reconstruction: acceptance of the invoice with the date issued no starm no 12 msc from the date of receipt of the document by the bank
LBBW Bank 12 msc of podn dosti about mortgage
Potovn spoitelna 24 msc of podn dosti o hypotku

purchase of real estate: 12 msc from the company quite a mortgage
purchase of an object under construction: 24 msc
construction, reconstruction: between the date of approval and the date of the company quite 12 msc

UniCredit Bank 24 msc of podn dosti o hypotku
Volksbank 36 msc from the paid purchase (buyer) price
Wstenrot hypoten banka 12 msc of podn dosti about mortgage
Source: Banks

Clients appreciate the possibility of refinancing

According to information from banks, clients use the option to repay the deposit and, as Denisa Saltkov, Potovn spoitelny, mentions, “give this promise the most in the case of real estate construction”. Of course, the mortgage rate is much higher than the initial investment, but the negligible interest in refinancing own funds is not. It moves e.g. in Komern banka comparable to other products and in LBBW Bank or Wstenrot hypoten banka makes up about 5% of the total portfolio.

years vm zklad dan nesn

On the other hand, he had an interest that Tom Kofro changed, Raiffeisenbank says: “I refinance one check. If the client arranges it, it is not a matter of housing needs and it is therefore not possible to deduct years from the tax base. ”