Kinh tế - Beetech: Doanh nghiệp tự tạo “trái ngọt” với hệ thống quản trị toàn diện ERP
An ERP system is seen as a solution that requires a long-term investment, but the benefits businesses receive certainly far exceed the expectations of managers.

This promises to be a solution that gives businesses a professional management system, obtaining “sweet fruits” far beyond the value of profits.

Economy - Beetech: Enterprises create their own

ERP supports the comprehensive development of enterprises.

1. What is ERP software?

If you are still wondering what ERP software is, then after reading this article you will have a better understanding. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a software that helps to plan resources of enterprises from controlling activities such as planning, purchasing management, production management, sales, warehouse, budget management. , financial accounting, etc. ERP software is similar to a “technology bridge” connecting all departments in an enterprise.

The modules that make up the ERP system are flexible and easily tweaked depending on the needs of the enterprise. However, a true ERP system must always have: consistency; confidentiality of information; the ability to detect errors; acting as a management support tool; tools for productivity measurement analysis; navigational means suggest direction…

Economy - Beetech: Enterprises create their own

ERP system concept.

Applying ERP system means restructuring all activities of the business according to the right process, helping businesses limit incurred costs, optimize profits, raise the bar and develop the brand. This is inevitable when Vietnamese enterprises want to integrate into the world, when the behavior and trends of the market change, when the old directions are no longer appropriate.

2. Vietnamese businesses succeed with ERP

According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ERP appeared in Vietnam from 2000, to 2006, 1.1% of enterprises applied and succeeded with ERP. Until 2014, this number reached 17% (according to VECITA’s statistics) – Marking a new milestone as well as a significant growth of ERP, promising rapid development steps in the future.

According to Beetech Solutions, ERP is becoming more and more popular and gradually becoming a trend, chosen by businesses of various sizes and industries. Because instead of using accounting software, sales, production management, warehouse management, … discrete; ERP can thoroughly solve all problems, help improve and standardize the whole system, improve both the quality and the quality of the business.

Economy - Beetech: Enterprises create their own

Vietnamese enterprises succeed with ERP systems.

Typical big companies that have successfully applied ERP to their corporate systems can be mentioned as: BIDV Bank, Tan Hoang Minh Group, New Land ALC, Saigon Newport, Vietnam Airport – ACV , Mavin Group, PHN Group,… Specifically:

Following in the footsteps of BIDV, Vietinbank, Vietlien Post Bank, MB Bank, etc., successfully applied software to help increase transaction volume, optimize financial accounting…

Tan Hoang Minh deploys ERP solutions with standard processes in the field of construction – real estate, helping businesses connect internally with partners, contractors, improve experience and breakthrough business. Bigger than that, Tan Hoang Minh aims at the era of transformation and world integration.

ALC (Dat Moi Trading and Service Joint Stock Company) applies ERP to manage the entire accounting, warehouse, and project management system, creating consistency and transparency in business. The strategies are clearly planned, raising the brand in the future.

Mavin Group implemented ERP in the livestock industry and succeeded with Mavin Pig Farm, laying the foundation for the development and rise of the whole group.

PHN Group accelerates comprehensive digital transformation with ERP, creating a whole new strength and appearance on the way to affirm its multinational brand.

From the existing successes, the necessity of an enterprise management software in operation is indisputable. Changing the choice from traditional management methods or discrete management methods to challenge the enterprise’s resilience with ERP is the option that is likely to bring the most “sweet fruit”, helping businesses reach their goals. grow stronger.

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