They had a prosperous family hotel, but so for cycling. So the father and son of Pomell decided to move the services in another direction and built a bike hotel. He has been operating it with this sticker in northern Tramin for 25 years. Maj spch.

How does a normal bike hotel become a hotel?In 1993, his father, a talented cyclist, came up with the idea that it would be good to organize professional exclusions and started offering you a week. Together with two other hoteliers, they invented the conditions and in 1996 founded the association BikeHotels Sdtirol. She had three lazy girls, but around 2005 a bag was torn with them and now there are 36 hotels all over Tyrol.

Today we have to be dark. Once he and the guests went to the top of Mount Roen to an altitude of 2,116 meters and forgot to take enough water with them. They barely made it down. Today we carry water, energy bars and drinks, lkrniku in a backpack.

How do you have to meet the conditions to be able to get a sticker at a bike hotel?There are many of them. For example, it is necessary to offer guests a camera with a camera, the possibility to wash a bicycle jersey every day, we have to have everything above, to be able to make basic repairs. The conditions are that we drink at least two projects each day, one light and the other three. We must be able to advise where clients should go on their own and offer them a GPS with a specific route.

The document with the rules for operating a bike hotel has about twelve pages and is not easy to meet. We have a license for the operation of the hotel’s bike, once a year of inspection, our guides are trained, but there are many hotels that say in their offer that they are friendly to cyclists. But this is something completely different, you don’t have to meet the conditions.

How many guides do you have and how many trips do you offer per day?We have two guides. One of us is employed on a full scale and leads to exclusions. The species is Tta Armin, who with his clients go to the trails ptkrt tdn. I’m the aunt’s leader. Mostly I drive with clients individually and I have technical skills. It is no exception that seven on a bike 25 days in msci.

Kolik mte nyn kol?As many as 99 percent of our guests drive their bikes, and we don’t have many of them either. We have about twenty bikes and pt electric bikes. We bought them and this year, when we saw how much demand there is then.

Do you need mt tests to get on the bike? What do the exams look like?Yes, you do. You must pass a theoretical and practical exam. Only then check the Sdtiroler Bikeguide certificate.

What percentage of guest are cyclists?How in which period. Your cycling clientele is one hundred percent. There are more families with children, but still 70 percent of people come here with bicycles, the rest are your normal clientele. The hotel has 74 lek, when I go to spend bikes in the bike room, there is usually the same number of bikes.

The hotel has a long tradition.The hotel was founded by my grandmother and opened in 1962. As a woman she had great courage, at that time the hotel was as big as today. After ten years, dda also started to help him. Tta joined the family business at the age of nineteen, at the same age I joined j.

You have been active in the hotel for all generations. How is it to work in a family business?Let’s get along very long. We all have a lot of work to do. We have a division of powers, if you take care of it, it’s very simple. I am responsible for marketing and I run the office, my father is worried about bikes, filling routes, going out, buying, repairs.

Ddeek and his grandmother also lived in the hotel, which is great, that they are under town when something happens. And they are under very active even in the operation itself – the grandfather is 84 years old, the grandmother is 83. She runs from the ass to the kitchen to help wash the dishes, then helps at the bar for a while. We see that it is dr mentally fit, we are also all satisfied.

Who owns the hotel now?Now it’s father, grandmother and dda. But we will change it soon. For me, it’s just a piece of paper, it doesn’t mean anything.

When did you realize that you wanted to continue the family tradition?I always hung around the hotel, I always enjoyed it. Three years ago, I started working here at full speed. I made some changes, this year we are planning a big reconstruction after the seasons. We want to build a bar that would be open to everyone on the street. And I want to focus more on the young generation.

Is this an entrance mt specialized hotel?We’re with those bike enthusiasts, we know every corner, every trail in the woods. I think I can, because we specialize in mountain biking, we can provide excellent services. We can offer them, and that is why the first guest has us at the hotel, ie bikes who go on an unforgettable holiday and can appreciate our services.

How do you see a hotel in twenty years?I understand the personal relationship between the owner and the guest and I am convinced that there is an individual approach to each guest. At that time, cycling will still be a big deal and we will have to offer services for different types of bikes: e-bikes, enduro, cross country. In 2038, Traminer will be a cycling and lifestyle town in Tramno, where guests and towns will meet and exchange experiences, honor and honor.

You have a brother. Will he continue the family tradition and work in a hotel?Fabian is 21 years old and studies computer science and media design in Vienna. He doesn’t want to work in the hotel, but we’ll see in the future.