The Boeing 737 Max has not been allowed to fly for a year. Now the aircraft is taking a step forward to be able to take off again. It could start in November.

Test flight: Boeing 737 MAX in the sky over Seattle

Dhe Boeing 737 Max, which has been banned from take-off for over a year, is getting a good deal closer to re-registration. Accordingly, it could take off again in the coming week. The American aviation authority FAA is in the final phase of reviewing the necessary changes to the aircraft type and is assuming that this will be completed “in the coming days,” said Steve Dickson, head of the FAA.

The medium-haul pilot could get permission to take off on November 18th. That said three people familiar with the matter. The model was withdrawn from service in March 2019 after two crashes with a total of 346 deaths. Boeing initially declined to comment.

The worldwide flight ban for the 737 Max has been in place since March 2019. It was imposed after two planes of this type crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia. A total of 346 people were killed. Investigators assume that the crashes were caused by a problem in a stabilization system that pushes the aircraft’s nose down when a stall is imminent. Other technical problems were also discovered, including electrical wiring. Boeing has now made technical changes, including revising the software for the stabilization system.

The disasters also put the FAA under severe pressure. In mid-September, a report by the House of Representatives certified that the American aircraft manufacturer and the American air traffic control authorities had “repeated and serious failures” in the approval of the aircraft.