Even in times of crisis, people in the UK invest more than anything. Let’s be afraid to take more risks, but at the moment even experts like to invest more in certain products. We asked Jiho Zelinka, HSBC’s director of personal banking, about investment questions.

What is it worth investing in during the day?

In times of volatile financial markets, the investor has to consider and choose conservative financial products in much more. Of course, if you do not want to sacrifice your time when choosing a suitable investment, then choose the amount of security, ie a term deposit. You can consult an expert, whether in a personal bank or an independent financial advisor, and choose a variant that requires in-depth knowledge and an investment perspective. It is generally recommended that the investor think in the long run and invest in regular cycles, even in small amounts.

Now more than in the previous period, it is more appropriate to spread your investment in its less conservative products and in the returns of interesting equity funds.

Do you see a difference in investor breeding between Czech and British hunters? Are people more conservative in their investments?If we are thinking of small investors, in the UK there has always been a general desire to evaluate your pensions in some way. The British watch for information on how stocks develop, whether they rise and fall first. In addition, really invest more generally and value your funds, not us, ei.

Where is it good to save pensions in order to maximize their value?

I leave the decision to each investor and first to choose the chosen strategy. I recommend that all investments be made, that the available information be monitored, that the quality of the manager of individual funds be assessed, and that all investments be advised to consult an expert. If you put your pension in the bank, watch the soft type of capital adequacy and the ratio of the deposit to the payer of the financial institution.

In which commodities is it appropriate to invest today?Commodities are one of many types of investment instruments and in a typical diversified portfolio they have a long time to go. I would leave the decision on how long it will be to the experts, ie to the fund manager.

How will investment develop in 2009?

If we start from the assumption that the economy will reach the bottom in the second half of the year, there is a regular difficulty to gradually buy funds. Stock markets usually react more than ten times ahead.

What should a hiring investor pay attention to?

With each investment, you need to set precise selection criteria in advance. In the first place, the investment horizon is important, ie for how long you want to invest the pension, and according to your attitude to risk. Some investments may be associated with the risk of losing funds, even in full, or in the wall. The most important thing is to determine the full investment, which will contain all the pros and cons. The investment always requires thorough preparation.

Are there any questions about investing?Mty is emerging from the trend. At a time when the market is growing, asthma is still seeing endless profits and reversibly getting richer. In times of crisis, on the other hand, they become depreciated and devalued.

Where are you currently investing and for?I regularly invest in our selection fund Multimanager Premium, which appropriately combines conservative and dynamic investments, including commodities. Through this fund, you can gain access to the best assets in a given asset.

What was your life investment?Two years ago, I invested in a global equity fund that was switched to the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and NY. The return on this investment was very interesting.