Many commuters have saved many kilometers in their cars because of Corona: This can also pay off with car insurance. Some providers partially refund amounts.

The car insurance would probably no longer pay back: Mercedes is already planning the mobile home office in a highly automated S-Class.

Whe worked at home more often this year and drove less in his car, could get 50 euros back from his car insurer, or even more in some cases. The independent consumer portal Finanztip points this out. In many tariffs, the insurance premium is calculated based on the mileage. If you drive less, you also have to pay less, according to the principle. According to calculations by the portal, around 10,000 kilometers a year cost an average of 13 percent more than 5,000 kilometers. So if you paid too much this year, you should claim the money back from your insurance company. But you will not reimburse the premium on your own initiative. The complaint would be particularly worthwhile for those who otherwise drive a lot, but hardly for those who drive infrequently.

Finanztip asked 30 car insurers. 17 of them pay retrospectively, six reject it, the rest did not make a clear statement, write the testers. However, some would only reduce the amount from the time the customer contacts them – and not from March, the start of the Corona crisis. Allianz, Cosmosdirekt, Ergo, Huk24 and R + V24, among others, are willing to reimburse. DEVK, Hanse-Merkur, Nürnberger and VHV do not want to reimburse.

Complemental description: In response to inquiries from several customers, the insurer Hansemerkur has in the meantime provided clarification that no reimbursement will be made retroactively. According to a company spokesman, reimbursement will be made from the date of notification of a lower mileage.