Salary one hundred and fifty per hour, working hours and payments for loyalty and punctuality. Brigades are long enough. It pays to look after it, the employer is in need of workers.

The second half of August is a time that is not borne by the employer, but loved by brigds. Students who go abroad to spend their jobs are slowly disappearing from the labor market, as are those who have been brigdening this year. The summer and holiday services continue, and therefore every way the railways are free.

There are not people, succinctly Romain A. Voronov from the Agency InClean, who mediates the peace of the household, looking for children and even seniors. The end of the holidays thus traditionally belongs to the most lucrative and generally higher salary averages for the whole year in temporary payments.

Summer workers can earn as much as 150 crowns per hour of work, and still the maximum they can get for their work, to Vt Krm, executive of the agency, which focuses on promoters and hostesses. And there is nothing in the salary that the owner of manufacturing and trading companies offer. If the kind of work allows at least a little, brigaders can choose the number of hours, work them, or the number of shifts in which they want to work.

In addition, the employer promises them bribes for virtually anything they can think of. Bonuses are for regular attendance, punctuality, time spent work and fidelity. I prefer a one-off event when the brigdn organizer needs you right away. In addition to interesting pensions, we often get free refreshments and a discount on products. In addition, it often pays right after the event on hand, to the hostess Kateina, who most often offers perfumes and cosmetics to the customers. For an average in the store, the average costs 1,200 crowns.

Vplata that veer

And at the Hotel Leopold u ru nad Szavou, promise two thousand of them on hand right after the shift, who will come to the aid on the weekends. One hundred thousand crowns per hour and a week will be paid once again by workers in Prague-Akovice, who will secure the mortar and paint in the morning. We have a lot of brigdnk who prefer a weekly salary. Sometimes the agencies do not even blame it, but we do not recommend it, because according to our experience, people argue about pensions when and for what they got paid to Petra Gregrkov, head of the crack of the Proplusco Group employment agency, who offers the brigade.

According to the employer, the payment immediately after work is currently the greatest benefit that brigaders are interested in. As not paid at least once a week, I eat brigdnk immediately drop, to Voronov from the quiet agency.

In Prague, double the salary

At the same rate as wages are growing in the regions, so is the remuneration of brigds. The highest hourly wage can be obtained in Prague, where the highest average salary is. It is obviously in manual work that is of minimal interest in the capital. The less interest in manual jobs is so much so that companies in the students in their minds can pay you in the field they study. The motivation for the brigade to hold a long-term position is therefore less, comments Jitka Soukov from the Grafton Recruitment staff agency.

For example, a physically fit worker earned 135 and 155 crowns per hour in a warehouse for compensation debts in Stranice near Prague, and he will receive meal vouchers and free transport from Prague to work for him. It is similar in industrial brands in Brno, where a brigdnk earned 160 crowns per hour in two-shift operation in a warehouse and will also receive a meal allowance. On the other hand, in the Czech towns of Budjovice and Hradec Krlov, the similar price brigade is 110 and 120 crowns per hour.

In the same way, they distribute funds between part-time workers in different regions and the company itself. While in Ostrava-Porub send packages for 95 crowns per hour, in Brno the hunter for this work in this company will receive and 110 crowns. Similar salary brigdnkm so large business chain. We are copying the average wage in the regions, in which we would not be able to find anyone for the paycheck, to one of the managers of the business chain, who did not want to publish the name.

Under the hundred crowns, the brigds do not go anywhere in the Czech Republic in the dark. In all areas, there was a growth rate of more than 10 percent, to Soukov. If the salary is lower, the employer will often match the surcharges or offer free transport and food. According to the Grafton Recruitment agency, brigdnk bn earned 80120 crowns in the Ostrava region, in Brno and 130, in Prague wages reach 150, in the Zlín region they are up to 110, in the Liberec region up to 120 and in Vysoin up to 130 crowns per hour. These are slaps from the sweat of lta. According to HR professionals, the bag will end in August and the arrest of the reward for the work will go up.