Cận cảnh quá trình cỗ máy khổng lồ xây cầu đường sắt vượt biển dài 15km
This giant machine is participating in the construction of the 14.7km-long Meizhou Bay railway bridge, part of the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway.
Close-up of the process of the giant machine building a railway bridge across the sea with a length of 15km

This giant machine, called Kunlun, is designed to transport and install beams weighing 1000 tons and 40 meters long on the railway bridge across the Meizhou Bay. This overpass has a length of 14.7 km, it is part of the Fuzhou – Xiamen high-speed railway.

In the video above, the Kunlun machine is assembling heavy concrete beams into position to extend the bridge from the mainland to the sea.

Kunlun is developed and manufactured by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). This massive construction machine can reduce costs by about 20% and improve construction speed by 25%.

It is known that the Fuzhou – Xiamen railway is expected to be completed in 2022. At that time, this railway will allow trains to run at speeds of up to 350km per hour, helping to improve traffic in the area. Fuzhou – Xiamen and shorten the travel time between the two locations, while promoting tourism and economic development.

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