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Recently, OPPO has introduced an official test of a phone with a rollable screen, called Oppo X 2021.

The foldable screen smartphone market is growing, along with many products that have been introduced by major technology companies in turn. Recently, OPPO has officially introduced a prototype smartphone with a rollable screen.

Clip: Close-up of the world's first scrolling screen phone

Oppo X 2021 prototype structure includes a flexible screen that is curved at the left edge of the product and hidden inside the body. When the user wants to extend the screen, just press a button on the side of the product, a motor inside will be activated to stretch the body and pull out the screen hidden inside the body.

At this time, the device size will be from 6.7 inches up to 7.4 inches, equivalent to a small tablet. Currently, the product just stops at a prototype, and users are looking forward to OPPO’s commercialization of this unique product.

Not long ago, another technology company from China, also introduced a prototype of a scrolling screen smartphone, but this was just a concept model.

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