Máy xúc biết nhảy múa, leo trèo như người nhện
Not only flexible movement, this excavator can also rush to cling to vertical slopes, surprising many people.
Excavators can dance and climb like spiders

The specialized vehicle makes a big impression thanks to its super flexible design, in addition to the ability to shovel like many other vehicles, this machine can also dance like a human.

With 4 hydraulic feet mounted on tires and 2 extensions with serrated feet, the excavator can stand and step over obstacles, walk through ditches and streams, climb, and even work off-road almost steep.

It is known that this spider foot excavator model is manufactured by XCMG Construction Machine company in Jiangsu province, China. They weigh up to 11 tons and can move at a speed of 10 km/h. Another type can be operated remotely. They are also used for emergency rescue operations.

However, many people have pointed out that this is just a copy of a similar model that was produced by the Swiss many years ago. In 1966, Edwin Ernst Menzi and Joseph Kaiser jointly invented the walking excavator to operate on steep mountain slopes. Later, Kaiser AG and Menzi Muck AG developed similar excavators separately.

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