The turn towards higher interest rates is still a long time coming for building loans in Germany. First of all, one bank after the other lowers interest rates.

A construction worker in front of a construction site in Nuremberg.  Building interest rates have fallen again.

Dhe building interest rates in Germany have fallen significantly again compared to the spring. Anyone who expected that construction loans in this country could become a little more expensive again with the rise in interest rates in America and the impending expiry of the bond purchases of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Europe, is currently confronted with the opposite. With the yield on government bonds with a ten-year term, building interest rates in Germany have also fallen again. One bank after the other has reported interest rate cuts in the past few weeks, and ING Diba, which is not entirely unimportant in the home finance business, has even reported twice in a row.

“The building interest rates reach a five-month low in July,” reports the Internet portal Biallo, which compares such interest rates: “The amount of the interest depends on the loan requirement, contract term, initial repayment and lending limit.” According to the FMH-Finanzberatung, pay in Frankfurt Builders with a fixed interest rate of five years now an average of 1.06 percent, for ten years 1.33 percent, for 15 years 1.76 percent and for 20 years 1.99 percent APR. The cheapest offers in each case are even significantly lower. Building interest rates last moved in a similar order of magnitude at the end of January – by February at the latest, there was definitely the impression of a certain departure towards higher interest rates.