Even after five ninety questions, the right to fill in the tax return is a small measure and you are not sure that you will be able to do it? In this case, the experts will be able to help. You pay a contractual fee for their work, but you will be sure that the tax will be spent in time, and if you provide them with all the necessary documents, you do not have to be penalized from the financial series.

You can find their list at www.kdpcr.cz. Adviser Frantiek Brabec answered the last question.

91. I have a fully disabled husband, so I would like to deduct from the tax and the gift I give to my husband. I don’t know if there will be a clash of the image, and according to I don’t know if the recipient of the gift will post only, where we will state the stunt and that it was used, for example, for rehabilitation.

If the recipient is a manel, I would put an emphasis on the weed for the use of the gift, preferably when you can buy it. Confirmation of a pre-board with a bundle of recipients of handcuffs to arrange a contract is so common and in non-profit organizations usually does not join him any longer, but in the case of gifted individuals, and especially when it comes to mane, I would be at least for a copy of proof of purchase. and the like.

92. The employer provided me with an employed car. In addition to business trips, I use the car in agreement with the employer and private elm. Will this bonus from the employer be reflected in the tax paid to you?

If the employer provides the employee with a free motor vehicle as well as a private person, each month is considered to be the income of the employee 1 percent of the entry price of the vehicle, at least 1000 crowns. The price of the vehicle is always based on the value added tax, in the case of a rented or leased vehicle, the entry price registered with the owner (leasing company) is required. This contact with employees is more likely to drink for a salary, and it was probably more apparent to them.

93. How do I proceed when I want the light of the counselor?

Give the tax advisor a power of attorney to process and file a tax return. At the same time, you usually conclude a written contract for work and a contract, in which you agree on a reward for work. You must submit a signed power of attorney to your financial office by April 2, 2007, so that the deadline for business applications is extended to July 2. You can submit the power of attorney in person to the filing office or send it then, possibly by fax, but you must repeat the request in writing within a week.

94. I canceled the life insurance. How is canceled reflected in tax returns?

Income tax law for such a case of the statute of the obligation to declare in the year of cancellation of insurance all insurance policies, which you have deducted as a non-taxable income, as the other income according to 10 laws (Appendix 2). An exception is the case when the contract is canceled, but the insurance indemnity or sales is not paid and the value of the insurance is transferred to a new contract, which tact meets the conditions for the application of non-taxable benefits. The insurance company took care of the sales tax, if it was paid to it, and the taxpayer taxed it at 25 percent.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

95. Last year, when I submitted my tax return for 2005, I used the services of a tax advisor. Given the volume of work done, I found his remuneration quite high. The prices of tax advisory services are set by contract, or are there maximum prices?

All the prices of tax advisors are determined by contract, unlike lawyers who have a choice between the lawyer’s tariff and the contract price. However, even lawyers, in most cases, negotiate their fee as a contract. To speak for myself, I always take into account the social situation of the client when determining the required reward, but we have a free market and the price is created on the basis of supply and demand as in most other industries.

96. My minor child took part in a television commercial. He received 5,000 crowns for his cooperation. How is this income? Do you have to give daov piznn?

Income for investment in television advertising belongs to the income from the provision of copyright and is generally not exempt from tax. If the child does not have other taxable income and does not exceed 15,000 crowns per year in the year, he is not obliged to pay the tax return. In other cases, he is represented by the final representative, ie one of the parents.

97. Is it possible to apply in the same year the years of support to support new housing provided by the State Housing Development Fund (so-called loans for young people)? What to do if it can be applied?

As a non-taxable amount of the tax base, only years of interest in financing housing needs from building societies and mortgage payments from domestic and foreign banks, including their branches, can be deducted. years of residence from the Sttnho Development Fund housing can not be left.

98. I am blind and I need to fill in daov piznn. Are there special tax advisers for citizens affected in this way?

I find that special tax advisors for the blind are not, nor do I remember that a colleague would say that he would be so specialized. When dealing with tax matters, the blind will need a final representative able to communicate with both the blind and the tax administrator, and possibly also with a tax advisor.

99. How do I get pennies on the basis of the supplementary certificate, and do I always have to pay them?

Whether you get a pennant from the additional license, it is bad for your tax surcharge (pennies up to 100 crowns are not prescribed), but in principle you will always receive them in exchange, because the tax and the financial order only communicates them. You can apply for a pardon penle due to the removal of hardness, but enough subject to a fee of 1000 K and against the verdict can not be appealed.

100. Finann ad mi vril da. Is the income in 2006 included in the tax base, or is it another income item?

Income tax payment is not taxable income, because income tax is not a tax expense.