Many Germans are not yet feeling the economic consequences of the corona virus – this is shown by a lightning survey. But one group is already being hit hard.

Work continues on many construction sites.

Dhe new coronavirus does not affect everyone equally – this is true not only medically, but also economically. On the one hand there are stand builders, restaurant operators and hairdressers who fear for their economic existence, together with the employees of automotive groups, whose plants are also often closed. On the other hand, there are delivery services and supermarkets, for example, whose employees have not been as busy as they have for a long time and who often get a bonus for their work these days, which is even supposed to remain tax-free.

This dichotomy is not only plausible, it is also scientifically proven: The Corona crisis divides Germany economically into two camps, and the camp of those negatively affected is at least so far smaller than some might think. Around a fifth of Germans are affected by restrictions at work and lost wages, with four fifths the crisis had not yet reached their wallets, at least last week – according to a survey by market researcher Nielsen and the new Frankfurt Leibniz Institute for Financial Research “Safe”, which researches financial issues from the monetary system to the finances of private households.