You will enter the insurance company and have a credit card included with the household insurance. Buy toothpaste and a drugstore will offer you a credit card. Do you play golf? tete newspaper? Do you travel? If so, and if you register in the customer’s customer program, they will most likely offer a credit card in time. And when you refuse, they will be amazed.

As in the case of Kateina, who first: I have to go to the bank, I wanted to get an offer from the employer and I had to buy a package of services at a reasonable price. The employee at Pepka explained to me that even two payment cards were included. I chose electronic debit and he tried to convince me that credit was suitable for me. Where would I be able to draw and 20,000 crowns.

Mr. Kateina refused. I have a feeling that there is a certain inconvenience with the overdraft, which he uses for this. When they once offered the overdraft, ie the ability to go on their own to the minus, the first year we only had it in reserve, the second year we both used it and today, in the eighth year, when we have an overdraft, there is a fee
and we compare the chord to zero. We then take the MS in the red and so it goes round and round. He gave the opportunity to go into debt, I just do not want to, add Mr. Kateina.

Na kreditce mete vydlat

The principle of a credit card may be something more suitable for the client than with an overdraft. While paying at the overdraft a year when the credit card is used, the credit card can be used for a good period. When the client pays the client during it, the bank does not tell him for years. The length is similar to around one month, but for example Citibank can save pensions without penalties and in 55 days. If the client does not settle, pay a little over a year.

If Mr. Katein always comes so far that the debt disappears completely, he will not pay for years. The fee for keeping the card is so zero within the company offer. While today, a recurring overdraft of about 2,000 crowns per year will come, so the costs of financial advisor Tom Kuera.

The card would probably pay off for the client even without the intervention of the employer, the fee for keeping credit cards bv from 300 crowns. The condition of the bag is that the fact is always balanced, otherwise it would have been years for you than with an overdraft, adds Kuera. It would be a mistake to arrange a credit card for several people who cannot pay for their pensions, so we can work out some of our problems, as a guide.

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