The pharmaceutical company GSK boasts several awards in the Czech Republic. He is a responsible company, the employer of the year and a search for gender balance. Even with a salary and benefits, it is not easy to find new employees for her. esk labor market is exhausted. According to HR manager Pavla Builov, this is also a positive pin.

The situation on the Czech market has changed in recent years. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Everybody talk about the labor market crisis. You don’t see the bag so dramatically.Of course, we lack the applicant as well as other companies. There is a struggle for talent on the labor market, companies stand out in financial offers, benefits. But according to me, it’s also a lot of positives. Let’s become more flexible, better employers. There is a lot of shared working hours, working from home, all of a sudden what the two did not do: get an applicant who two on the edge – mothers on maternity leave, the elderly, the disabled.

How has your company changed from the point of view of the labor market?We changed the approach to the candidate group. From the passive one, when we wrote out the advertisement and waited for who signed up, we became active. And we involve our employees, which is a very effective resource. And 40% of new colleagues we found thanks to their recommendations. Get a financial reward for it in the amount of thousands of crowns. They will get it after what our new colleague will stay with according to you.

It seems conservative in our field, but we dream of being creative. We have a video for each listed position, and it is a graduate city or managerial. The video is always dark, which strengthens the view. Imagine the company, yourself and how the position is and what we can offer. It’s fast, visually interesting and interesting.

GSK is a large company, with 100,000 employees worldwide, in the Czech Republic we had a branch of about 250 people, mainly in sales and marketing positions. We need specialists for them, and they don’t have much.

Are you reducing the demands on the applicant? This is a consequence of the crisis we are talking about.It’s not about a dream year, but about our view. We have the plight of the people’s portfolio and it proves itself. We find out that candidates that we would not have chosen in the past did not give them an opportunity, because they did not have a CV according to our ideas, they will be able to succeed in this position for a very long time.

You have set the conditions of diversity and you should rely on it a lot. So you have a balanced representation of women, old and young people. What if you ever have a candidate who fulfills all your dreams of being a perfect employee, only if you only have the vacancy that you need to fill according to the gender tables? Don’t take the dark in such a looted labor market?He really enjoys the diversity of the wood, because the variety works well. We also had an audit from Gender studies done and the result was desirable. I will crush the table when I get married. If the candidate is of good quality, we will look for ways to put him into the dark as sensitively as possible to support the diversity on which we build. We are able to offer such people attractive positions in other darkness.

One study mentions that the pharmaceutical industry is now characterized by extremely fast admission.That’s what candidates want from us. We do not reduce the quality of our women, but we dream that as little time as possible elapses between the individual rounds.

So what does u vs vbrov zen look like?We have a clever process, a basic question of whether we can find a common e. So try to determine the wheels and see if I have the skills and how he would enjoy it. And then there is the last twisted round, where we can agree.

Who do you choose, how interested the candidate will be?Our colleagues value the people we work with and what corporate culture they create most, and then they price our products for which they can stand up. Let’s just take it on a mission. Therefore, it is very important for us that the new employee has the same value as us, he lived with them. And we appreciate the ability to keep learning new things.

A te u k tm mzdm a benefitm.We adjust wages every year according to the market situation. Let us not carry out a wage survey to be competitive. At the same time, we have every year a review of the salaries of all employees. When it happens that year that the market position will shift significantly financially, we are able to respond not only to new employees, but also to those of existing ones. It is important that we increase wages every year.

A benefit? Do you have a dream?Our drugs and vaccines help patients live an active life. And we want to offer this to our employees as well. Therefore, the first health in our benefits is mainly darkness. This year, we have offered classic benefits in the form of meal vouchers, fruits and vegetables at work, equal pay for sickness, very three cafeterias, part holidays and sick days, and we have offered a unique program for the health of employees and their children and parents.

What can your people draw from it?It allows free access to more than twenty types of shelters, to detailed preventive examinations that are not covered by health insurance. For example, we will help our employees with a bad smoke. At the same time we have a week of health, various tests, changes in values, a meeting with a physiotherapist. Awareness is a bite of prevention. This program is worldwide, in the countries of this world it may have a greater impact than in our country. There, my family employees save my life. And we are back on missions, helping people to be active, to honor ourselves and according to.

Tell me, how will the labor market situation develop?That’s a little vtn from the pounds of the ball. But I think that five years will not bring much change. We will still encounter a lack of candidates. It will be up to us to try to find new ways to make the time that lasts at work, and that it is worthy, of quality and fulfillment.