The trending topics also benefit the established stock exchanges. Frankfurt benefits from stock market records, crypto and sustainability. Coinbase also remains tradable.

Who does not honor the Bitcoin: More and more investors want to participate in the rapid increase in value

Dhe Deutsche Börse AG benefits and suffers from the record prices on the stock exchanges. It benefits because higher prices for securities always result in higher sales. At the same time, it suffers because the currently relaxed and optimistic mood on the stock exchanges is leading to less excited trading and trading activities are much lower than a year ago, when the fear of the corona pandemic brought share prices to their knees and the Encouraged investors to hectic actionism.

The bottom line is that the stock market was able to earn good money in the first quarter. Less than in the first quarter of 2020, but more than in all other quarters in the company’s history. 855 million euros in net sales were achieved, 7 percent less than in the first quarter of 2020, but significantly more than in the other three quarters of 2020. The profit also increased compared to the previous quarters, but at 330 million euros was 13 percent below January to March 2020.

BTCetc most traded product

A few points stand out that can give the stock market hope. This is the upswing in crypto currencies, which is now also reflected in pennies and pennies on the stock exchange. In June 2020, it was the first to offer a Bitcoin security in regulated exchange trading and with central processing. The success of the “BTCetc – Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto” with the securities identification number A27Z30 is phenomenal. It achieved a trading turnover of 2.5 billion euros in the first quarter, more than any exchange-traded index fund (ETF) on the Dax or the MSCI World. The pioneering achievement of the central clearing of crypto-securities reduces the risks in trade processing and makes it possible for many institutional investors to invest in crypto-securities in the first place.

There are now four exchange-traded Bitcoin securities on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, three on Ethereum, one on Bitcoin Cash and one on Litecoin. The newly tradable share of the Coinbase crypto platform will also continue to be traded in Frankfurt. In the meantime, this week it looked like that trading would have to be stopped on Friday, but the missing allocation number has now arrived.

In addition to the trending topic of crypto, the stock exchange is also increasingly benefiting from another major investment trend: iShares Global Clean Energy moved up to the top among the exchange-traded funds in the first quarter. A markedly sustainable index fund has thus ousted the funds that had dominated the Dax for a long time from the top. The fund with the identification number A0MW0M had a trading volume of 2.4 billion euros in the first quarter. In the first quarter, Deutsche Börse also completed the majority takeover of the American financial services provider ISS, from which the Frankfurt stock exchange operator hopes to provide a further boost to the business with sustainable financial products.

Private investors storm Tradegate

The stock market is also growing thanks to the growing interest of private investors in the stock market. This is particularly noticeable for the stock exchange through its participation in the Tradegate trading platform, which is mainly used by private investors and has high growth rates. In the quarterly figures this was reflected in a higher value of the participation. In any case, CFO Gregor Pottmeyer said at the investor and analyst conference on Thursday that the Tradegate share would be retained.

The exchange operator is also exploring how it can strengthen its business with private investors. Deutsche Börse reaffirmed its commitment to growth and profit targets in its medium-term plan “Compass 2023”, even if the first quarter was weaker than in the previous year. The share price showed little change in quiet trading on Thursday.