Every second person drives to work. The regional association Frankfurt / Rhein-Main wants to change that. In order to create alternatives, he presents a mobility strategy: The association wants to be “carer”.

By bike on the train: The regional association is committed to a better mix of modes of transport in the Rhine-Main commuter region.

Mor cycle superhighways, park-and-ride areas, bike-and-ride facilities, more attractive footpaths to train stations and additional stops so that buses and trains can be reached more easily on foot: these are some of the 19 suggestions made by the Frankfurt Regional Association / Rhein-Main has developed together with municipalities, associations and clubs in order to improve mobility in the region. After an intensive exchange and two years of work, the association has now presented the 55-page mobility strategy for the metropolitan area. “We want to achieve and improve the quality of movement for everyone in the region,” says Rouven Kötter, first deputy of the regional association. As a full-time employee, he is not only responsible for mobility in the Rhine-Main area, but was also commissioned by the 75 municipalities in 2018 to develop such a strategy.

The SPD politician has interpreted the obligation in such a way that the association does not join the group of those who also advise regional major projects such as the regional tangent west, the North Main S-Bahn and the expansion of the ICE route to Darmstadt. Because the “mobility turnaround depends not only on a few major projects,” as Kötter says. There are many smaller projects that could be tackled immediately: “We want to get started.”