How to get a psychologist? A loan, loan, leasing or mortgage is not a bad thing. They are very important financial instruments, the director of the Psychological State in Prague Karel Riegel. You have to deal with them.

It is so easy for people to succumb to advertisements and borrow more?

Unfortunately, the psyche of the ns in this case is unruly, on the contrary. One way of washing is archaic, built to fight for baking. For a long time we should not respond to signals about the abundance of food. And advertising, which can not only inform, but also sell the tax, often sent deceptive signals of such abundance. And because pensions are very abstract and attractive goods, we are extremely vulnerable here. It is much easier to determine the amount of money not to drill this amount. Psychologist Professor Kahneman received the Nobel Prize for Economics for his theory of insight, which is something like this: , ctm sadness not about size 10, but you 13. We’re just set up that way. Therefore, indebtedness is unrelated to intelligence and distance.

What should the people who wish to get out of debt have to pay?

Don’t panic, the mountains are not debts. Above all, they should reduce their spending and, if possible, increase their income. At that time, they should not borrow to cover existing debts. It is good to avoid hypermarkets and shop in small, narrow shops, where it is uncomfortable. So they should learn to buy only what they have written on the list as necessary. And most importantly pay only cash, do not use a payment, then a credit card.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

Is more than one loan united for one way?

It is better to concentrate on one problem, not have to think about more volumes. It also costs something, but a positive effect is likely. It is very important to communicate with the teacher, acknowledge my commitment and convince him that I want to fulfill. And it is a long way to go when there is one leader, not when there are more. The strategy of a dead beetle is very noticeable, it is a sure way to execution.

It seems that he has a very small financial distance with us. How should young people learn to retire?

They should give birth to very small children. A time-consuming pocket is an ideal tool for children to infiltrate the world of pensions. If they understand him, I am likely to meet later in life. They find the need on the internet. For example, the Irish have a page with the name It’s TV pensions!

How do you look for a desire for him, what about a neighbor? I want it that way, even though I don’t have a pension for it.

It is humanly understandable. The salvage is huge, even the negative ones. But the furnaces only when the neighbor jumps off the bridge, I won’t imitate him right away either. I should also match him in income. Nezvidt. But they are also objective needs. Hardened furnace will not be with two children prtala on the wall, where one signature and one automatic slingshot is reasonable, provided it is safe to pay. If I’m going on holiday and for luxury gifts under the tree, but I don’t have the installments, I’ll probably be surprised.

Karel Riegel
Psychological condition of FF UK