Czech households have not learned to spend money in the last few years. On the one hand, the high consumption associated with enormous indebtedness comes to the fore, on the other hand, it contributes to pensions in banks (which it is decided not to evaluate as an investment). In this direction, the bag is visible to shift to glue.

In many cases, the proceeds from the dispute will not suffice in the future. Pensions on banks and at home go under almost half of the total population disputes and alternative forms of investment are gaining momentum only very slowly. .).

Surprisingly, investors were not deterred by the few bankruptcies of small and medium-sized banks, which were not so small (last time two years ago, Union Bank). This can probably only be explained by the fact that deposits in the bank are insured and clients thus have the misleading impression that their pensions are safe and go to make money.

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What to ask for fundraising
The quality of the fund is very important for long-term investment and even if it had a difference in return, you have a full percentage, it plays a role. Consider two identical swapping funds, with varying outcomes, averaging 6 and 5.5 percent.


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Defamation, underestimation of work ability and re-employment, sometimes even personality. These are the most common forms of ikana that the people encounter at work. Defense against ikan or mobbing is very complex, but possibilities exist.

However, it is important to realize that relying on the helping hand of the state cannot be achieved indefinitely, and we must take responsibility for our pensions into our own hands. Most of us probably can’t get the classic pension in the current concept, which will be paid. There simply will not be the means to do so, and those who do not think about their future income today will get me into trouble in the future.

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The structure of household disputes in the Czech Republic has increased significantly in recent years (and it could be possible that, given the advanced economies in the good direction) and other forms of valued funds are coming to the fore, not just deposits in banks. The largest increase was recorded in building savings, which in recent years have benefited mainly from state support, and over the last year its growth rate has slowed down slightly. In addition, it is a form of term deposit and liquidity of this product is debatable (especially with regard to the taking of support for a certain period).

Limited liquidity is a problem of the other two products, which are life insurance and pension insurance. Due to their long-term nature, however, there is no limited liquidity and such a problem and especially pension pipojitn is proving to be the most suitable form for creating reserves for the distant future.

Source: esk statistics ad

Oblbenm zstupcem alternativnch investinch nstroj se stvaj tak catch funds. These recorded a high number of investors, especially this year, when the number of funds in funds in the first half of the year was 21%. Compared to term funds, mutual funds have a very good liquidity ratio, risks a vnos.

Source: esk statistics ad

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The time of their investment is not limited in any way and the investors have the funds practically at hand at any time (when selling investment company share certificates, the investor will receive

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with the funds during the day). In the overwhelming case so the performance of the fund fund yields on the term tech many times over. The only inappropriate in comparison with deposits in banks is your risk, as investing in the fund is not insured. Sprvci fund they are the majority of large financial institutions and banks, which are a sign of financial stability for investors. The tax speaks in favor of the fund in a favorable way, as after a year of drains the income from the investment in the fund is exempt from taxes.

In certain cases (for example, exchange of defensive funds), mutual funds can fulfill the function of long-term spread programs, which means paying for investors with long-term investment horizon. Velk vbr fund s rznmi investinmi strategies and irokm replacement is their great asset, which has earned their great birth and growing popularity in recent years.

Comparison of the average performance of koruna mutual funds and annual rates on term deposits
Product name * / group fund years rate / performance (in% pa)
ING Account Spoc et 1,44%
eBanka – Term deposit with a fixed annual rate 0,34%
Money market funds ** 1,63%
Bond funds ** 4,73%
Shift funds defensive ** 6,32%
Smen fondy neutrln ** 14,94%
Equity funds ** 21,04%
* Term deposit for 6 msc, 100,000 K, products with the highest and lowest annual rate, after deducting 15% tax
** Average performance at the end of November

Source: Fincentrum, FondShop, UNIS

Here, too, the bag shows full conservatism and a fear of taking only a slight risk. Half of the assets of mutual funds are invested in money market funds. Although they represent a minimal risk for investors, in the long run the investment horizon will be more efficient and their return will often not even exceed the inflation rate.

Not only the share of funds, however, currently offers an interesting appreciation at a reasonable risk. Introduced and new types of investment instruments offer the opportunity to value funds much better, not deposits in banks. The investor must learn to accept the risk and get rid of the gas and the remaining conservatism.

How do you use alternative investment vehicles? So you are calling the bank indefinitely, or are you trying to make the most? Dark on your ideas and experience.


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