The day is approaching, when many of us will pay their money for the previous year at the financial level. The year 2008 was marked by tax changes, which are reflected in those who keep themselves secret. For example, a fundamental change, the introduction of uniform tax rates, greatly simplified the overall calculation.

The name of the formula “Personal income tax return” looks at first glance the same as in previous years. But zdn deceives, on the kind and gave a look to find that it has changed a little. Its change is related to tax changes that have been in force since 2008.

The year 2008 brought seven fundamental changes to tax fees, such as a single tax for all, the end of the common tax return, tax rebates and more.

The changes practically did not affect popular readable items. Even for the year 2008, you can dream of a taxable amount of money for a year, a year from home to housing or you for free bloodshed.

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