The editor of MF DNES went to the insurance company to terminate her own life insurance. One insurance company comments on the insurance company.

If I have an insurance policy at home, pay regularly, but do you feel that it is expensive and redundant? You’re like you. Seven years ago, I closed the life insurance chapter. Vpoet from the insurance company promised me that if I lived another twenty-one years, I would be paid more than 220,000 crowns. If I died, my son would get 100,000 and go a little more. For a thousand years of insurance, it seemed good to me.

Unfortunately, I do not know at that time that my son will grow up soon and be connected.

Odbornk: If you have no one to stay with, it is better to close you only once and connect the rest of the pension differently. For example, invest in mutual funds, building societies, retirement benefits. Divid out more here. In addition, you will have access to your pensions at any time. Therefore, I would recommend canceling the capital insurance, even if you lose your pension.

Rectal meet Japanese OrientanSurprisingly, they didn’t talk in the connection, and I will stay. I learned that I can file the completed insurance even a week before the vro date.

I wanted to know how much I got. Although I realized that my paid pension is irreversible, I was pleasantly surprised by the message. It was only a little over half of what I paid for seven years. And where is the promised evaluated? At the arrest of payments, the furnaces promised me that I would get two and a half times as much. The amount that the employee told me is only indicative, I have yet to make an exact contact of the so-called sales person. Spend it liquidatei and I will receive a letter to the msce, where it will be sent to the crown. But I don’t have much to say, because the result will differ only slightly from the estimate.

Odbornk: It’s unfortunately so. m pay time, tm vt loss will be. The insurance company is the most expensive, it is actually almost late, because your payments at this time cover the risks and fees of the insurance company. It is only in the third year that a lasting connection lasts for a while, after half of the payment period, usually after ten years, it starts to settle according to the components of risks and savings. The end is insured, the more you have the pension, but you really only get the full promised amount if you keep the whole connection.

What I didn’t find out From one in the insurance company, I got the impression that it is simple. I fill out the form and that’s it. It later occurred to me that I should have received all the information.

Odbornk: In connection, they should go in more detail to inform them that when buying, the income will be taxed at 25 percent of the local 15, so the profit will go lower. And it didn’t sound very alert. If you have yet deducted the payment of insurance from the tax base, you will have to resolve all disputes in the event of early cancellation of the insurance.

If you want to avoid the delivery that you have to make in the event of early termination of the contract, you can apply for the so-called converted insurance. Your insurance company will continue with the reduced insurance policy until the end of the agreed period. This means that you will not pay anything at the debt, but the insurance will not expire. You will not receive the sale immediately, but after the original insurance period has elapsed. You won’t have to go.

When can you testify?

when concluding a contract■ You can terminate the insurance within two months from the signing of the contract without any reason■ on the day of delivery of the notice to the head office of the insurance company, the eight-day notice period■ The insurance company does not cover the entire network, but keep the costs, risks and fees■ payment in m within 30 days from delivery of the notice■ if the insurance company decides that it does not insure for health reasons, the borrower will pay the insurance in full

at the end of the contract■ you must submit in writing about the termination of the insurance contract■ the due date is one week before the execution (the day of concluding the contract)■ in the case of a single payment of insurance, the insurance will expire after six weeks from the date of delivery of the notice to the insurance center