The slowdown in the economy does not mean that there is no room for new business. On the contrary. You just have to be obese. If you want to start a business, switch to services. It pays off today, not more

“Especially now I pay the password – I have it twice. When the starting entrepreneur went a year ago he made a mistake, nothing happened to him. Now, however, it could be fatal, ”to Roman ivi, an external lecturer at the CMC elkovice management school, who uses time management and management skills.

For example, Diana Kotkov has been a company since the end of last year, when they were not exactly optimistic about the development of the market. Pesto decided to zat. “I am concerned that companies may be burdened. At the same time, I am convinced that people in companies will need help (for example) to cope with an uncertain situation, ”said a specialist in adult development and education. It is certain that as a master of pharmacy he works on a full-time basis with a small financial reserve.

Not just what vs vs

Most people make business decisions based on what they do and what they enjoy. Therefore, in that uspj. There are a number of things that I do not understand – like you legislation, dealing with the bank and the like.

For you?

Many arresters feel that their products and services will be of interest. Should they have a bag: Why will he be the one? Am I pelivj, levnj, or nabzm something that is not on the market?

You are not an employee

Many entrepreneurs do not realize that the price must include all costs. “The fact that you, as an entrepreneur, earn 15,000 crowns is not the same pension you had as employees. You have to pay energy, taxes, social security, ”points out Roman ivi. Today, you have to keep in mind that the investment will be drilled for a long time.

To succeed

Hello self-confidence is you. You must live your peace and remain calm. Make sure they pay you. It’s better to dream the price, but want cash pensions, minimize income dog invoices. Want backups. You can consult experts and experienced entrepreneurs on how to set prices. Give to the recommended. References are not distributed for free today.Zdroj: Roman ivi, manaersk kola CMC elkovice