In recent years, they have become medically grateful and fortified assets that do not send it at all. Their common feature is a careful future input and an underestimated risk of loss. I say this in my comment Martin Mat, Economist Partners.

Bitcoin, gold and shares of the company patc to the defeated vision of Elon Musek are the investment grills, their advantages, missed returns and many future benefits of highlighting some media to heaven. Their attractiveness stems from the pbiv pbhu and popular ideas. This does not mean, however, that there is no kind of pbhu party. She is unpopular and willing to be neglected. Will you come here after Facebook for the last time?

Going in 2012, you could buy Facebook shares for $ 18 and sell today for $ 170. The company’s profit is growing, free cash cannot be seen and debts are zero.

However, as seen in recent events around user data used by an external company, the price of the stock will fall by more than five. On the other hand, a lot of investors realized that they provide users with private information and again so no problem. In Europe, users of GDPR, but anyone interested? No. Will they ruin it because of that? No.

Afra eventually plays the company’s spe into the cards. Thanks only n, we saw how huge the potential of Facebook was with data collection from clients. They are invaluable, the cost is daily and the current is not more than two billion people. It is always used by a million people in the Czech Republic alone. Closer written control of data by users takes the competitive advantage of data collection similar to Facebook and thus Facebook does not lose in any way.

The invitation to fluctuating prices in recent months only shows the well-known fact that timing the first day of purchase is nonsense. Even Facebook must be a long-term investment and a decrease of 20% may not be accepted. Or who from vs bought on April 25? Probably nobody. Pitom pt day u was Facebook by 13% in. It is enough to spend one day and the income from the event is a rust from elsewhere. As with other investments, longevity and diversification pay, for example, through specialized funds. Unlike other changes in investment, Facebook is on the ground.

And how about investing in bitcoin, gold and Tesla stock?

1.Bitcoin investin pohdka hnan mdii

The number of bitcoin prices from January 2013 to December 2017 was impressive and from one dollar you received 1400 times or the return of 330% ron. The incredible increase in value was the result of a huge demand for this currency, which was driven by a global marketing flow. This nrst had nothing to do with fundamental value, but only with a small attitude.

According to the results, at a certain point of demand, respectively. listened to fairy tales, exhausted and the price began to fall. From a value of over $ 18,000 per bitcoin during the month, the price dropped to about $ 8,000. It is very reminiscent of the speculation in the nine times of the creation of Czech capitalism, when you were able to claim several million assets from it. It is enough to create a coin / share / haapu and put into circulation only a fraction of the volume and with the help of speculation and the first marketing to drive the price on the stores to heaven. Then multiply the whole amount by the swollen price and you are a million.

In professional classes, it is estimated that only about a thousand people own half of all bitcoins. They didn’t have to move a finger from the spot, they just supported the price increase. All such property is virtual and its real value is much lower. Do not sell in these quantities, otherwise the price will collapse.

The capital value of all bitcoins has reached the size of the largest American companies, but from an economic point of view it is a virtual asset that would have an added value in the event of a sale. In addition, the total values ​​of all actions dl according to bitcoin less than 0.5%. Therefore, a possible crash or fall in the price by 90 percent is completely insignificant and the world economy will not even notice it.

Tba bitcoin costs vc not car. And what for?

A number of well-known cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum or ripple, are caused by the collapse of many plates and hundreds of others. The sales argument about the rocketing price increase over the last five years is unfortunately only a few of the many cryptocurrencies.

So what’s the bitcoin price? At a minimum, it should be equal to the values ​​for which t is t. And it’s not free. It is necessary to buy regular drains and new cryptocurrency programs. The current cost of taking 1 bitcoin is about $ 7,000, which is quite enough. From an economic point of view, it is one of the largest energy sources.

Cryptocurrency is likely, but only as specific currency in certain sectors and industries, but it does not look like a path to global currency. There are no mistakes here, the price is enormous, it is expensive and with its limitations bitcoin would cause deflan spirl. For m: depreciation investment.

2.Tesla’s genital ideas don’t have to make a profit

Whenever you can imagine that it will one day drive in self-driving electric cars. This does not mean that the company, which is the first production, will set the trend and release the fairy tales, as Apple did with the iPhone. Just because the current carmaker has been working on the development of electric cars for years, but gasoline engine technologies are simply cheaper and exhaust gases start to matter, but not much.

Even the infrastructure does not help the mass distribution of electric cars. Imagine 30,000 cars to drink to Jin City Town and connect to the socket for the night. That morning, the regiment of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region will go out. Yes, I see a few visionary patents that I enjoyed, but car sales are not just about the engine and battery, but also about quality, service and disputes of scale.

Don Quixote in the automotive industry

Tesla’s large Achilles’ heel is the first to limit the use of electricity. Insufficient infrastructure may improve over time and charging will go almost everywhere, but now that Tesla goes has to fill, where, where and how fast it will go. Neither hand, nor electricity, is always made from renewable sources, so batteries are not exactly materials for sale.

Therefore, the shares of Tesla do not fly up with every rush and enthusiasm that Elon Musk has developed with the public, but they have started to stagnate in recent months. Many large asset managers even use Tesla as an ordinary stock for a strategy known as a short sale, ie speculate on a fall in price. The price of Tesla’s share over the last 5 years has increased its value from $ 33 apiece to about $ 300, but so that it is not a swan for this company.

And two analysts were right: free cash flow has been challenging every year and should be deteriorating. Operan mare did not get even positive values, the volumes are growing geometrically, the production of cars is marginal in other cars. Only in the regional segment of electric cars does Tesla lead, but will it be worth it?

3.Gold ned t t just from history

Gold is an asset that is generally held as a store of value. Although it holds its value, it does not mean that it is still the same. The price of gold depends on many factors and, unfortunately, on those sales. Probably the most important reason for gold marrow is the preservation of property in the event of crisis and disaster systems. The investor buys something as insurance against the global crisis, after which he will pay in gold again. And in general, it is not exactly profitable baldness.

The price of gold and its weapons is largely a day of its historical development, when for many centuries, due to its uniqueness and limited quantity, it was used as currency. This look overtook her. At present, gold, in addition to electrical engineering and the dental industry, is Brno as a luxury commodity with very ailments of such assets as high volatility, the price increased on the vagaries of the weather, plus additional costs for storage and packaging, etc.

Long-term gold is barely covered by rising inflation. The downside of investing in gold is its illiquidity and high trading fees. You buy investments in gold in conjunction with many of its costs and tragic performance. Over the last five years, gold has barely made zero.

The central banks dreamed of gold

It is impossible not to appreciate the decision of the NB, which got rid of the gold stock and invests its assets in liquid, less volatile and long-term assets. For example, a bond and a stock.

When it comes to the crisis, the best way to reach the expected returns of commodities is to use tax funds. The advantage is the daily liquidity, diversification and supervision of an experienced portfolio manager. Otherwise, the salary, as part of the client’s total assets, gold should reach two percent, not a percentage. Unfortunately, according to a survey by Partners, more than 30% of households prefer to pay their pension in gold, they have been reducing their potential income from property for a long time.

Edge investments are not just these today. Much similar can be found in current real estate investments, speculative bonds, precious metals and investment funds.