PP: Budjovick 5
140 21 Prague 4
informan link: 261 126 116
phone for accident case: +420 272 101 015

Typy pojitn:

basic variant Specil Plus with an insurance limit for property and health codes of 70 million
different variant of Super Plus with the same limits, but a wide range of assistance services and additional insurance skull skills of the person when staying abroad
the insurance company concludes an old type of contract without segmentation with limits of 30 million for codes on assets and 45 million for codes on
healthy. Or with an exchange limit of 54/54 million.

Monost spltek: Clients can pay a basic annual, half-yearly or quarterly rate without a fee.

Bonuses: For each 12 msc without code, the rate will be reduced by 5 percent, the maximum bonus will be 50 percent, in 2006 the maximum will be 30 percent.

Malusy: According to the insurance company, the principle of malus determination cannot be determined unambiguously, it is bad for the total time of permanent connection. In the model case of the first accident for this year, the insurance company would deduct 24 bonus months and the client would live up to the fourth year with five percent bonus. Maximum malus 150 percent.

Additional services: Assistance services for the Specil Plus variant include repair or towing up to a limit of 1800 crowns, or storage of the vehicle within t dn. If the repair lasts less than 8 hours, the price includes transport by train or cash up to CZK 1,500.

Jin vhody: The package of the safety glass, the wall increases and the safety seat of the steering wheel with a 50 percent discount. Half discount even for insurance risks of vehicle theft and 20% discount on accident insurance.

When negotiating a contract via the Internet, a discount of 7 percent
outside the pojistnch limit of 70 million crowns

Number of mobile vehicles: 570,000 vehicles

Aspects for determining the insurance premium:
Classically, the stroke volume or the weight of the vehicle is applied. Dalm criterion is vk and live client and st car.

Eligible regions are, for example:

Beneov, Pbram, Beroun, Rakovnk, Kladno, Mlnk, Koln, Kutn Hora, Nymburk, Mlad Boleslav, Plze-sever, Klatovy, Rokycany, Domalice, Tachov, Karlovy Vary, Jindichv Hradec, esk Krumlov, Prachatice, Strakonice, Tbor, Pelhimov , Psek, Teplice, Litomice, Louny, esk Lpa, Jin, Semily, Chrudim, Trutnov, Nchod, Svitavy, Havlkv Brod, Jihlava, Brno-venkov, Znojmo, Teb, Vykov, Beclav, Hodonn, Karvin, Frdek-Mstek, Nov Jin, Opava, Vsetn, Krom, umperk, Jesenk, Prostjov

Selected regions with the so-called rate are:

Brno-msto, Prahavchod, Praha-zpad, esk Budjovice, Plze-msto, Plze-jih, Cheb, Sokolov, Most, st nad Labem, Chomutov, Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou, Hradec Krlov, Pardubice, Perov, Olomouc, Zln, Ostrava-city.