The housing company and the association of owners of the bank’s units offer special seams, which are used for the reconstruction and repair of apartment buildings. The advantage of these products is, among other things, that although they are high, they can be provided without the mortgage of real estate and guarantee bonds.

el pouit vr pro bytov drustva a SVJ

These vry are designed specifically for repairs, reconstruction and modernization of apartment buildings and non-residential premises, such as the replacement of windows, facade insulation, roof repair or reconstruction of the attic. These investments lead to a cost of heating, longevity of the house, improve its appearance and quality of living and thus increase the value of individual apartments. Therefore, the owner of the apartment and only the housing crumbs should be thinking about the future and not let the house waste its reluctance to invest in its renovation.

It can also be used to refinance other loans and own funds that were used to invest in real estate. Some banks thus finance housing construction, the purchase of real estate and land, as well as privatization.

How to require bank documents

In case of a large amount, the company and SVJ must submit various documents to the bank, among them will usually include, for example:

* financial statements and tax returns for the last financial year of the bank usually require one or two years back
* overview of pspvk payments to the repair fund
* aktuln stanovy drustva i SVJ
* list of owners of housing units in the house
* full repairs, draft work contracts
* entry from the real estate cadastre

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

Products that banks offer to housing companies and associations of unit owners

In the article you will find here, the products Wstenrot stavebn spoitelny, Wstenrot hypoten banky, SOB, Volksbank and GE Money Bank were introduced. Now follows the overview of what Hypoten banka, Raiffeisenbank and Komern banka offer.

Hypoten banka: Hypoten vr for bytov drustva, hypoten vr for SVJ

Hypoten banka offers both entities vry with similar parameters. As these are mortgages, they must always be secured by real estate, which can be in comparison with the products of other banks for many companies and SVJ disadvantage. In the case of drustva, the object of vru owned by dlunka is stopped, even more real estate can be stopped. In the case of SVJ, the subject of the building is the housing units of its only including co-ownership shares on the common parts of the house and land, always the units of the owners participating in the building must be stopped.

They are provided in up to 70% of the mortgage value of the property, in the framework of which these bags are not required in most cases. The maturity period is up to twenty years, with no minimum or maximum limit, depending only on the client’s ability to meet. the annual rate can be chosen fixed or taken to PRIBOR.

Raiffeisenbank: A financial community of owner-occupied units and housing estates

On the Raiffeisenbank website, those interested in this type of vru will find plenty of information about the websites of some other banks or not. They are listed here even in minimum years of rates, they can also make an approximate idea of ​​how many will be included. For example, the rate with a fixation for five years is currently set at 4.5%, the rate with 3.9%, the minimum rate for fixation for fifteen years is 5.2%.

vr is provided in vi from 0.5 to 50 million crowns. In the case of most other banks, the company can also arrange the bag and SVJ, if they are sufficiently creditworthy. The maturity period is up to twenty years, during the period of pumping (eg during the construction work) there is a possible postponement of the installment. The bank also accepts evil invoices, ten percent of which will be drawn from the bank.

Komern banka: Bytov dm

The program is designed for housing companies and SVJ for the reconstruction of housing units and entire houses. vry is provided with a maximum maturity of 15 years, it is usually required to determine the co-participation of the client’s own resources for financial investments. The main advantage of the bank is the high availability of high availability due to the minimum requirements for hedging. As with other banks, it is paid in indebtedness per housing unit. KB also distinguishes in which locations the property is located. For example, we can easily gain SVJ in the case when the total debt per housing unit does not exceed 150 thousand crowns on average, in regional cities 200 thousand crowns and in Prague and 300 thousand crowns.

s pispnm soused I.

Vyadovan zajitn tchto vr

Investments of this type can reach very high flows in the tens and hundreds of millions of crowns. Their parameters are then agreed with the bank individually for each individual case separately. Banks have general rules for banks, for example, this is the first way to find out. Sometimes it’s not necessary dn. This is very practical, because then it is not necessary, for example, to persuade all the inhabitants of the house to sign the guarantee bonds or agree to the construction of their apartments in favor of the bank.

The table does not provide an overview of the requirements for collateral provided by individual banks. Mostly the salary that eu housing estates are required in the accounts not in SVJ. While even in the best cases, the firms usually have to sign at least a blank, the associations of unit owners are provided without any guarantees. At present, the highest limit is in the amount of Raiffeisenbank, which does not require a debt of up to 350 thousand crowns for one housing unit. Also, flats with thirty flats can be obtained without collateral and 10.5 million crowns. Since Hypoten banka and Wstenrot hypoten banka provide mortgages as mortgages, they always require the construction of real estate.

Bank As long as vr (in K) is provided with minimal protection
UNDER up to 100 thousand on bj biankosmnka in BD, without zajitn in SVJ
up to 150 ths. na bj (in Prague 200 thousand) ruitelsk prohlen
over 150 ths. to bj (in Prague 200 thousand) mortgage real estate
GE Money Bank up to 100 ths. and bj biankosmnka in BD
up to 220 thousand on bj without zajitn in SVJ
Mortgage bank

always build a property

KB biankosmnka in BD, without zajitn in SVJ pi vi vru on one bj:
up to 300 ths. in Prague
up to 200 ths. in regional cities
up to 150 ths. in other cases
Raiffeisenbank up to 350 ths. na bj bez zajitn
in stack up to 5 mil. and ptilet splatnosti without zajitn


Wstenrot hypoten banka

always build a property

Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna


Source: Banks

Note: indicates the total indebtedness on average per housing unit. BD = housing unit, SVJ = unit ownership unit, bj = housing unit