Repair and modernization of an apartment building will not only improve the comfort of living and will bring energy savings, but will also increase the price of the apartment. As high financial resources are usually needed to finance such changes, it is necessary to take advantage of suitable bank loans.

Several banks and building societies offer special products for housing companies and associations of property units (SVJ) for the reconstruction and modernization of apartment buildings. Some programs include, in addition to the target heat, other services, such as the management of ordinary business and the appreciation of free funds. In the case of financing needs of housing estates and SVJ, these are often high, so the parameters of these are usually agreed individually for each specific case. For example, the rate years will depend on the type of client and his creditworthiness, the amount and maturity of the year, the type of investment change and the method of collateral.

The condition for the provision of these loans in the functioning of the cooperative and SVJ for a certain period of time usually requires banks for at least one or two years, good ethnic management, good payment, which means a minimum does not apply to overdue receivables. Sometimes it is necessary to use your own resources to finance a given project.

In the following overview, the products offered by some selected banks and their string characteristics are listed.

Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna: see REVIT Plus product

Building society Wstenrot is one of the main providers of financial repairs and reconstruction of apartment buildings. SVJ introduced its specialized product REVIT intended for residential rubble and on the market in the year 2000. It is an infernal plant, on which, after fulfilling the condition for the assignment of a member, it is in charge of a building joint. the applicant does not have to have his own funds, the down payment of hell is zero. Other opportunities are also provided directly by the refugee or own apartment.

We will deal with these possibilities in more detail in the chapter on the combination of building savings and mortgage.

About how much?

The kind of opportunity carries you risk. Investments in safe bonds (for example, in mortgage or mortgage bonds) do not incur any return. Mortgage bonds are

Wstenrot hypoten banka: HYPOREVIT

This is a program for the revitalization of crushed flats, so unlike the sister companies, it is not financed by SVJ. In addition, real estate is always required, with a maturity of 20 years. It is possible to finance the real estate and up to 70% of the value of the mortgaged real estate, within this limit, the resources of the program can be reduced and 100% of the budget costs.

SOB: Program for housing companies and associations of unit owners

Together with Wstenrot stavební spořitelna, SOB is one of the most important providers of flats for housing companies and SVJ. In addition to long-term investment investments, it offers these priced clients a convenient complete service in the area of ​​payment system, financing of operating activities and appreciation of free financial resources.

And by the end of the year, the SOB now, within the framework of a special event, guarantees all housing debts and SVJ a fee for the provision of heat in vi 1 K.

Volksbank: A comprehensive program of services for housing companies and associations of ownership units

Like SOB, it offers these clients specialized services, including, for example, prices, conveniently managed by the bank, overdrafts, deposit products and fast sales for housing companies and SVJ for operating expenses.

Long-term investments are then intended for repairs and reconstructions of apartment buildings as well as for new drustevn construction and are provided with a maturity of 20 years. They can also be linked to the privatization of municipal flats and houses into the ownership of housing estates and SVJ. vry can be arranged in the amount of 1 million and 250 million crowns.

How to get them?

GE Money Bank: Renovace Plus

At the end of last year, GE Money Bank joined the banks providing funds for the financial renovation of apartment buildings. vr Renovation Plus is used for financing and 100% cost for the renovation of the house and can be linked back, ie in the case when the reconstruction took place. And 15% of the funds can be handcuffed. The minimum price is 300 thousand crowns, the maturity is a maximum of 15 years. During the erpn period, it is possible to postpone the payment, by about 12 msc.

In the case of them, they can be provided without security. If the length of the loan, which falls on one housing unit, does not exceed 220,000 crowns, it is not required for SVJ. For residential districts, up to 100,000 crowns per blank unit is sufficient for a blank bill of lading. In other cases, standard forms of collateral are used, such as a debit note, bank statement and mortgage.

This, of course, is not fully reflected in the number of bank loans provided to housing associations and associations of unit owners. The products of other banks will therefore be mentioned in one of the following comments. It is necessary to change the PANEL program, which is designed to support financial repairs of prefabricated houses. It includes, on the one hand, a one-year annual subsidy for vrm and, according to the MZRB bank code.