How can the country use the economic potential of older workers? This was revealed by the Golden Age Index study of the consulting company PwC. According to them, the employment of people over the age of 55 affects the gross domestic product, ie the economy of the country.

The best in the PwC survey placed Iceland with 80% employment of people aged 55 and 64. The Czech Republic has 62% employment in the 20th place out of 34 monitored countries (see table no). The index is based, for example, on the level of employment, income and part-time work, which erases the impact of the labor market on workers over the age of 55 in OECD countries.

The study confirms that companies should pay more attention to employees and cling to them. By 2050, the population of people over the age of 55 will increase by more than half, ie to 500 million people. The rapid closure puts more pressure on health and social care systems and also poses a threat to the financial sustainability of some public and private pension systems, according to John Hawksworth, chief economist at PwC and author of the study.

According to him, individual countries could compensate for the high costs of the first involvement of the quiet labor market, thanks to which not only their GDP but also their income. This economic increase would then be associated with health benefits for older people, who will work an active life, adds John Hawksworth, adding: If the employment rate of people over 55 reached 78%, the OECD could increase its GDP by 3.5 trillion dollars.

Study navrhuje sttmjednotn a:

  • Support pension reform or create financial incentives for workers to stay economically active even after reaching the official retirement age.
  • Support lifelong education and training to help improve the skills of older workers and increase their employability.
  • Public officials should place emphasis on tightening the regulation of discrimination in the labor market to older workers. At the same time, they should allow these workers flexible work.
Vsledky studie Golden Age Index
Earth and poad According to the employment of persons over 55 years of age According to the employment of persons over 65 years of age
1. Island 83,9 % 56,3 %
2. New Zealand 78,2 % 42,6 %
3. Israel 66,8 % 39,3 %
4. Estonia 68 % 31,8 %
5. vdsko 76,4 % 22 %
6. Japan 73,4 % 42,8 %
7. Korea 67,4 % 45 %
8. Norway 71,9 % 28 %
14. Nmecko 70,2 % 14,5 %
20. esk republika 62,1 12,2
28. Slovakia 53 % 5,6 %
Zdroj: PwC

They are loyal, although they invite them to interviews at least often

According to LMC analyst Tome E. Dombrovskhostle, the first discrimination due to age is most natural, namely that all the criteria defined by discrimination are defined. Despite the fact that with the current extremely strong demand from companies for reinforcements in the last 3 years, the situation of people over 55 has improved quite significantly, but they are among those who have difficulty in the labor market and the opportunity to improve the least of all age groups. Counterfeiters personalized for interviews least often, says Tom E. Dombrovsk.

He points out that due to the relevant experience of recent years, this counterfeiter is by far the most loyal employee. Of all the employees who changed jobs during the last year, half were under the age of 34. People over the age of 55 made up only 6 percent. At least often from my own work I work, even though sometimes objectively unfavorable good conditions in the current job. At first, their loyalty may be extremely interesting for a number of companies, to Dombrovsk.

Companies should especially be aware of their maturity. Counterfeiters often work better together in the dark and are more likely to be led if they are given space. People in a productive age are so much stressed and you work. And because they have experienced a lot, do not have a completely unrealistic, or a bumpy eye, add Dombrovsk.

Chtj knee and career procedure

The fact that 55+ employees do not have excellent conditions at work is confirmed by Ji Jemelka, the director of the ICU company.

In many companies, the concept that old employees are, thanks to their experience, excellent mentors for new employees and young colleagues, is still somewhat stereotypical and key, but that is the only way they can benefit the company, less Ji Jemelka.

Old employees go under their own ambitions and want to improve and develop, not just become a teacher of young colleagues. In this regard, the same is misunderstood by the employer. For example, according to a recent study by the British insurance company Aviva, as many as 44% of employees over the age of 50 believe that their employer does not support them in further career growth.

This is also confirmed by an old study by another AXA PPP Healthcare binder, according to people around the age of fifty, they got far less to work with new things and develop their skills; For their younger colleagues, this was the case according to the darkness of halves (14%).

Old employees also felt that their financial manager paid a lot of attention to them, they were not so often external to meetings, and they were not offered various supplementary and training courses in the same way as their young colleagues.

According to Jemelka, the employer makes a known mistake, if he automatically assumes that the old workers are not allowed much anywhere, and they just want to knock somehow into the pension.

Personally, I came across a case where a worker over the age of fifty, who until then had only worked for a CNC machine, took on the position of a sales representative and provided his employer with great orders. And in the sale of new products, thanks to her practical experience and as a result, she sailed fantastically into new positions and helped her company unbelievably, says Ji Jemelka a positive example from practice.

We want them, no and no

However, some companies have understood that you are a clitor to the elderly. We have only the best experience with employees over 50 years of age. They are loyal, responsible and busy. Their well-known advantage is, unlike other age groups, great flexibility. Old employees enrich the team with vast experience, while young ones, for example, look at the increase in digital literacy of old colleagues. As for the salary, it increases according to the same rules, we do not divide the differences even in the case of benefit, including course and knees. They can also use a tightened tie, said Gabriela Kahounov, HR director of DHL Supply Chain.

In the joint Generali summer, an internal campaign is being prepared for the first time as part of the age management, which will be the first to replace the degrading prejudice of employed people aged 50+. Roughly five employees belong to this category first. They are in administrative positions, despite those experts in managerial. The fact is that most of our colleagues in these age groups in Generali have been working for a long time, often ten, fifteen or more years. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable for the company, kJan Marek, press spokesman of the Generali company.