Life insurance is one of the most dynamically developing branches of personal finance. The expert jury, which compared it for the second time this year and assessed the products of the life insurance company, again saw the participation of the ING Nationale-Nederlanden insurance company.

1. ING National Netherlands ivotn pojiovna, organizan sloka Investor Plus
2. esk pojiovna as Dynamik
3. Allianz pojiovna, a.s. Global Invest

Compared to last year, however, there was a small change in this year – this time it did not win the risk of life insurance, but the product of life insurance Investor Plus.

It provides clients with insurance coverage and financial security with the opportunity to invest in investment funds. The insurance company can flexibly change the scope of insurance protection and thus respond to the current needs of insurance companies. The insurance company provides a wide range of connections, the widest range of funds and the opportunity to invest in Czech events even at low locations.

The second place was occupied by the life insurance company Dynamik od esk pojiovny, which is the best-selling life insurance company in our country. Dynamik belongs to the category of flexible binders with a guaranteed annual rate and can change a number of its properties during the bonding according to the current situation of the bonding.

The bronze position was secured by the Allianz insurance company with its Global Invest program. It is an investment life insurance that offers a varied key connection and the opportunity to get this connection so-called tailor-made.

As a result, life insurance has clearly dominated this year. The difference in this insurance relationship is due to the flexibility and ability of the customer to decide on the fund to which their disputes will be connected by the investment company, to the insurance market analyst Duan.

In addition to the demand for investment in livelihoods, there was a certain positive development in the capital markets. Zjem o ivotn pojitn rovn tz monosti daovho odpotu zaplacenho pojistnho a do ve 12 tisc korun msn.