The new Pier G will also be postponed. This would have been used mainly by the Irish company Ryanair. How does their boss react?

The cranes at the construction site of Terminal 3 in the sunset.

Dhe Frankfurt Airport will probably not open the entire Terminal 3 until 2025. The airlines were informed this week that the opening of Pier G, which is planned for low-cost airlines, will also be postponed to 2025.

This is what Fraport CEO Stefan Schulte said in an interview with the FAZ. The reason is the dramatic slump in air traffic as a result of the corona pandemic. “From today’s perspective, we are assuming that we will open Terminal 3 including Pier G in 2025,” said Schulte and did not rule out the possibility that the new terminal, which is currently being built in the south of the airport area, will not be available on the market until 2026 walk. Pier G was originally supposed to go into service in the summer of 2022. Due to the high number of passengers in the years before Corona, the construction of this pier had been brought forward.

Corona also forces Fraport to cut 4,000 of the total of 22,000 jobs by the beginning of 2024. “We are currently doing very well there, as bitter as that sounds,” said Schulte. You want to avoid redundancies for operational reasons, but they are not excluded.

Ryanair as main customer affected

Pier G would have been mainly used by the Irish company Ryanair. It will be interesting to see how their boss Michael O’Leary reacts. But of course Ryanair is also affected by the collapse of air travel.

Most recently, the operator Fraport announced in the summer that the construction of Terminal 3 would be continued because it would be cheaper than stopping construction. However, due to the effects of the Corona crisis on air traffic, commissioning will be postponed again.

The second construction phase with Pier G is planned to have a handling capacity of 5 million passengers a year and should actually start as early as 2021. In the event of a recovery in traffic, the gate could be activated quickly. Of course, even the older Terminal 2, which is otherwise used by companies outside Lufthansa, is currently closed.

With the new Terminal 3, the airport wants to create an additional handling capacity of 14 million passengers annually. When fully expanded, up to 25 million would be possible. In view of the slump in air traffic, the plans are now wasted.