The spook should be over by mid-2021: The contaminated soil from the construction of Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport is to be transported to collection points throughout Germany – the amount is larger than expected.

Construction of Terminal 3: The chemicals in the ground are probably mainly residues of extinguishing foam that was used in fire protection exercises.

BBy the middle of next year, the airport operator Fraport AG plans to have completed the removal of the excavated earth contaminated with poly- and perfluorinated chemicals that arose during the construction of the third terminal at Frankfurt Airport. The chemicals, which are considered harmful to health, got into the ground while the American army used the area, which is now being built up, as an air base for decades. It is probably mainly residues of extinguishing foam that was used in fire protection exercises.

Despite restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, according to Fraport, three quarters of the contaminated excavation should be removed this year. The appropriately equipped collection points are in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and in the eastern German states. According to Fraport, it is now 470,000 cubic meters of contaminated soil, originally around 400,000 cubic meters. Fraport justifies the increase with the corona pandemic.

New terminal not required before 2025

As reported, Fraport is extending the construction of Terminal 3 because air traffic has collapsed and the additional capacity of the new terminal will not even be needed before 2025 or 2026. According to the information, this change in the construction process will in turn mean that less material will be required for safe reinstallation on the site this year and next.

If there are no unexpected delays in the disposal of the contaminated material, Fraport CEO Stefan Schulte will have solved the problem in mid-2021. The interim storage facility in the south of the airport area, which has been approved but has been rejected by neighboring communities, is then actually not required. Fraport is still sticking to the award procedure for the construction of this warehouse that has already started in order to be prepared for any complications.