Refueling is currently becoming more and more expensive in Germany. But that’s not all: the price of heating oil is also rising.

This fun gets more expensive.

Dhe prices for gasoline and diesel reached new highs on the weekend and early Monday morning; Heating oil has also become expensive again. The background is apparently still the higher transport costs and bottlenecks due to the low water of the Rhine and its tributaries. According to the Internet platform Clever-Tanken, a liter of Super E10 recently cost an average of 1.53 euros per liter and diesel more than 1.42 euros per liter. Steffen Bock, Managing Director of Clever-Tanken, said: “The prices for petrol and diesel have been climbing for months without a break. And shortly before the end of the month, it can already be assumed that October will mark a new four-year high. ”Both Super E10 and Diesel would have increased continuously in October, apart from a short break at the beginning of the month.

Heating oil rose on average in Germany again on Monday by 0.8 percent to 86.06 euros per 100 liters with the purchase of 3000 liters. The Internet portal Heizoel24, to which 500 oil traders report their prices, writes of a “logistics bottleneck” that has meanwhile assumed “historic proportions”. The release of fuel reserves in Germany has so far been able to reverse the price trend as little as the slight increase in the water level recently due to the rain. The sharp decline in the price of crude oil since the beginning of October “unfortunately completely failed” for heating oil.

Because the transport of oil has become so expensive due to the low water level, there are considerable price differences in Germany depending on the distance to ports and refineries: “Currently, a liter of heating oil in Stuttgart is almost 22 cents per liter more expensive than in Hamburg,” writes Heizoel24: “Even if the price spike is over these days, it can take weeks or months for the price structure to normalize completely.”