In order to make the production of cars faster and cheaper, companies and associations want to exchange huge amounts of data in the future. Economics Minister Altmaier says at the digital summit what this is based on.

Digital dashboard of a VW Passat

GLarge German corporations such as BMW, Bosch, SAP and Deutsche Telekom want to exchange huge amounts of data in the future in order to make the production of cars faster and cheaper. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) announced this on Tuesday at the digital summit.

This initiative is also the first case in which the new European cloud initiative “Gaia X” is to be used. This is an EU-wide project that sets high standards for data protection and the use and exchange of data. In the meantime, more than 170 companies and associations have joined. “This is an important ‘use case’ that will decisively advance the implementation of Gaia X,” emphasized Altmaier.

The need for such a step was also shown in the Corona crisis, said the SAP board spokesman Christian Klein at the first fully digital digital summit. After a number of suppliers in Italy stopped production, the assembly lines in Germany also came to a standstill. For a long time there was uncertainty as to which parts could be delivered and when.

“Supply chains need transparency,” said Klein. “This makes them more resilient and the storage costs can be reduced.” In this context, SAP is assuming the role of an “open digital post office”, since a lot of data is already running through SAP applications, says Klein.

Politicians have not made any specifications

The aim is to standardize and share data so that everyone involved in a supply chain can access it via the cloud server. This alliance is therefore not restricted to a small group of companies. It is hoped that some medium-sized companies will soon join in, emphasized Klein. In the opinion of Minister of Economics Altmaier, it should not stay that way: “Even international corporations are welcome and welcome.” There is enough growth potential for everyone, as the need for functioning cloud solutions is growing steadily.

Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW, also spoke of a “great day”. An enormous amount of data would be produced in every car that can be used to make traffic safer. He even promoted global collaboration at Gaia X. “With global participation, we set industry standards.”

Altmaier emphasized the idea was from the economy, politics had not made any specifications. But politicians will provide financial help and support so that such projects can be implemented quickly.

An example of what follows from the new collaboration could be this: If a 5-series BMW has a problem with the steering, not all 5-series have to be recalled, but only those with the corresponding production batch.