The demand for loans from the KfW development bank has seldom been as great as for burglary protection. Now the funding is being increased again. Other conversions will also be funded again.

That annoys the burglar.  The federal government helps.

Dhe Germans continue to equip their houses and apartments against burglars. The state development bank KfW reports of a sustained high demand for its subsidies for the installation of alarm systems and similar protective devices. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), who is also responsible for building, has now increased the available funding for burglar protection again, to 65 million euros for the current year. This means that the amount available continues to grow. So far, as in the previous year, 50 million euros had been earmarked. When the program was set up two years ago, it initially only comprised 10 million euros.

In addition to the total amount, the Ministry and KfW recently also expanded the options for funding. In the course of last year, for example, the minimum investment amount was initially reduced and, finally, staggered subsidies were introduced. Both property owners and tenants can apply for grants from the development bank if they want to improve their security against burglary.

In addition to the installation of alarm systems, this can also include the installation of stronger windows or doors. For the first 1,000 euros of such an investment, the state development bank KfW adds up to 200 euros. The minimum investment amount is 500 euros, with a maximum investment volume of 15,000 euros per residential unit being subsidized.

Last year, according to KfW, corresponding projects were funded on 80,000 properties. In the first year and a half of the funding program, 120,000 projects had already been funded.

Seehofer’s ministry is now also giving money again for the dismantling of barriers for old or disabled people in real estate, a total of 75 million euros. As of now, applications for corresponding conversions can be made again, as stated in a message from KfW. “Housing policy remains a central task of the federal government,” Seehofer is quoted in it. “In all measures, especially in the housing stock, we have to pay particular attention to the effects of demographic change in Germany. This also applies to the high need for security in the population. “