Unemployment benefit II will be increased even more strongly at the beginning of January than previously planned. An adult living alone receives 14 euros more, and the rates for couples and children also rise.

Hardly any other state service is as controversial as Hartz IV.

Dhe Hartz IV rates are to be increased more sharply on January 1st than previously known. This emerges from current calculations by the Federal Ministry of Labor, which the editorial network Germany (RND) first reported. According to this, single adults should receive 446 euros per month in the future, 14 euros more than before. The rate for young people between the ages of 14 and 17 will even increase by 45 to 373 euros; for children up to five years of age there will be 283 euros instead of the previous 250 euros.

The reason for the increase is the rise in prices and wages. The rates are reset every five years if a new so-called income and expenditure sample (EVS) is available. They are also updated annually in line with the development of wages and prices. This was still pending when the Federal Cabinet initiated the increase in Hartz IV rates in mid-August. For this reason it was said three weeks ago that single Hartz IV recipients should receive “at least” seven euros more in the future.

Specifically, experts had already predicted three weeks ago that the standard rates would rise roughly twice as much as in the previous year. In January of this year, the Hartz IV rate for single people rose by 8 euros, now it should be 14 euros in the election year.

The standard rate for spouses and partners will be 401 euros per person from next year. For adults under 25 who do not yet live in their own household, there is 357 euros. Children between the ages of 6 and 13 receive the lowest increase. You only get one euro more, so in future 309 instead of 308 euros. However, the Bundestag and Bundesrat still have to approve all increases.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, around 5.7 million people in Germany receive Hartz IV.