When you buy a car, sign a leasing contract. It’s seemingly straightforward advice, but otherwise you may have to pay the station when you steal your car, even if you had a lord insurance policy.

This happened to Svatopluk Janek from Prague. Pi in smle had a bag and a little tst. The eskobudjovick court, which has similar disputes from all over the country, has now ruled that jank will not have to pay the company’s leasing 190 thousand crowns as a payment for its stolen car.

As a reason, the court ruled in favor of the rented car owner, the so-called set of good manners.

We dreamed of the percent required by Essox to twenty percent. This is not the case, but Allovan tried to reach an agreement with the company in this case, said Judge Markta Menkov-Franzov.

Janek was stolen by a Renault Laguna car thief in Prague those years ago. Although he also paid insurance against krdei, the company forced him to pay a profit of 190 thousand crowns. The insurance company estimated the code at a much lower level than the used car dealership, which set the original price.

It is only for me. I did not read the amendments before signing the lease agreements. I was in the dark, they were on my way, moreover, the longest data were written in a small dog, said Jank.

His first demanded to cancel the entire application, because the company wrote a bad and incomprehensible contract. Each contract is a voluntary agreement between the two parties. If I have the first questions, it doesn’t matter the size of the dog. Whenever possible, I can study it or give the first, Menkov-Franzov.

Sdruen considers similar tricks to be deceptive for consumer protection. Unfortunately, good manners do not apply to companies. In doing so, the equality of the parties should apply when signing contracts, Libue Oulehlov from Sdruen to protect consumers.

Essox’s procurator Ludk ermk appealed that his company was often inspected by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. And that day did not find any shortcomings in the contracts, said ermk. He also admitted that in some countries the texts of contracts have a precisely defined graphic form.