The people who caused the traffic accident could still easily escape the sanctions from the couplers. After the demolition, it was enough to go to another connection, hide the code, run malus (pirce) and so-called from scratch. With the advent of the new registry, it will not be possible from this autumn.

The Czech insurer first completes several years of preparation of the IDI register and their accidents. In this case, the insurance companies will be able to verify their history before negotiating the obligatory guarantee and, according to them, determine the premium. “The assumption of the start of sharp operation is from June 2007. Until then, we assume a significant addition of historical data on insurance events back from the year 2000,” confirms Jakub Hradec for the Czech office of the insurer.

Most of them answered the question of, whether insurance companies will subsidize insurance and clients’ insurance if they find out that they hid the accident. Wait for how the insurance market will behave, discuss the issue at the moment and decide on further action to clients who have not provided them with full information.

How the whole system worksIn the case of compulsory liability insurance, not only the parameters of the car (for example, its price and volume of wages), the age and gender of the car and the limit of the insurance cover, but also the so-called bonus / malus system.

Who does not hurt, get from the insurance premium discount, which depends on the sweat of the city without an accident. On the other hand, the accident caused may be deducted from the faultless course, and the price of the insurance premium thus increases. The bonus is removed first. At the moment when the insurance company reaches zero, ie the price of the obligatory guarantee, the percentage of the price of the compulsory guarantee is also calculated, only the so-called malus.


Ronbonus Total bonus Price after 5 yearswithout accident(pi zkladnprice 1000 K)
Allianz 5 % a 50 % 750
PP 5 % a 50 % 750
esk pojiovna 5 % a 50 % 750
UNDER Pojiovna 10 % a 50 % 500
Direct 5 % a 50 % 750
General 5 % a 50 % 750
Cooperative 5 % a 50 % 750
Triglav 5-15 % a 60 % 650
Uniqa 5 % a 50 % 750
wstenrot 5-10 % a 60 % 550

The system of bonuses and registration of damage-free time has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1 January 2000. The vast majority of policyholders will provide a bonus of 5% for each year when you do not cause an accident and prove it with a confirmation from the insurance company where your liability was maintained. It is not possible to get a 50 and 60% discount on insurance.

The most popular clubs are Triglav and Wstenrot. Triglav odet 5 and 15% for each year without accident, Wstenrot 5-10%, and up to a total discount of 60%. You are also provided with a 5% discount by SOB Pojiovna, which deducts 10% for each year without an accident and up to 50%.


Ronmalus Totalmalus price after oneaccidents(pi zkladnprice 1000 K)
Allianz 25-50 % a 150 % 1500
PP 10-40 % a 150 % 1300
esk pojiovna 10 % a 50 % 1300
UNDER Pojiovna 10 % a 100 % 1200
Direct 20-50 % a 200 % 1400
General 25-50 % a 150 % 1500
Cooperative 10-40 % a 120 % 1200
Triglav 5-50 % a 150 % 1150
Uniqa 10 % a 100 % 1300
wstenrot 30-60 % a 150 % 1900

The approach to the criminal offenses of individual insured persons is different. Most of them conceived in the event of an accident from a harmless period of 24 months. esk pojiovna, Uniqa a Wstenrot vs punish 36 msci.

For example, if you cause the first accident at Triglav with a zero bonus, the penalty is relatively small, instead of 1000 K you would pay 1150 K. In addition, Triglav is the only one to be connected above the first insurance event. “If the client has an agreed contract with a single payment, this is the first insurance event and the code is a maximum of 20 thousand crowns, we will not deduct a one-day bonus when deciding the insurance event,” confirms Roman Czapka.

Most often, on the other hand, the penalty for the Wstenrot accident. After one accident, with a zero bonus instead of 1000 K, you would pay the obligatory guarantee in the amount of 1900 K.

Pojiovna Price per sweatmax bonus(pi zkladnprice 1000 K) Price per sweatmax. soft(pi zkladnprice 1000 K)
Allianz 500 2500
PP 500 2500
esk pojiovna 500 1500
UNDER Pojiovna 500 2000
Direct 500 3000
General 500 2500
Cooperative 500 2200
Triglav 400 2500
Uniqa 500 2000
wstenrot 400 2500

The low prices of the Direct insurance company are attractive for people who drive without accidents. It seems that Direct will compensate for these prices with a high price. At Pojiovny Direct, you can get the overall highest malus on the market, at more than 200%. On the other hand, not a total malus is offered by the Czech insurance company, namely 50%. This means that at a hypothetical price of 1000 K for compulsory insurance, pay a maximum of 1500 K in the Czech connection after repeated breakdowns, while in the Direct 3000 K connection.

Bonuses and maluses can be significantly affected by the basic price of the obligatory guarantee. If you agree on a mandatory guarantee for a basic price of 1000 crowns (a fictitious amount for a simplified deposit), pay in individual couplings, depending on the non-refundable period, ie after all bonuses and maluses have been paid, from 400 to 3000 crowns.

The basic price of the obligatory guarantee will continue to be very important, but when deciding between several insurance companies, you will also see the bonus and the possible malus, which will take on new dimensions. With the introduction of the register this autumn, the bonus / malus system will take on new dimensions.