The popularity of hedge funds stems primarily from their clients’ risk aversion. Hedge funds guarantee the most frequent return of the deposit, both maximum loss and minimum value.

Banks and their investment companies have recently been sawing new hedge funds, which are currently being subscribed. If, in the first place, it is then valued and the underlying asset. Other parameters are also different – from the time of the fund’s long-term activity and the fee for early withdrawal from the fund, which affects the liquidity of the investment, to the guarantee.

The guarantee company is usually the return of the investment in the mutual fund, but a minimum return or maximum loss can be guaranteed. Most of the currently subscribed funds guarantee the return of the deposit, one of the two hedge funds of the Czech Savings Bank for the maximum loss.

The novelty is represented by the hedge fund SOB Commodities 1, its underlying asset is the commodity index. II. The hedge fund P Invest is not on sale yet, however, it is ready and the subscription will start in the near future.

* On entry from 15.9.2007 to 14.10.2007 – 1%, from 15.10.2007 to 14.12.2007 – 2% and from 15.12.2007 to 14.12.2013 – 8%.** In the first year it lasts 5%, in the remaining time until the end of the activity 3%.*** According to invested. After the subscription period of 10%.**** The first three years 4%, then 0%.

Vpoet evaluated II. Hedge fund P Invest based on the development prices of 25 companies from various fields from the USA, Western Europe and Japan. Each share has an appreciation of 4% in the final year.

If the price of one share increases by 13% or more, then appreciated by 13%. If mn increases, or if it decreases, the total value (and impaired) of the share is added. Subsequently, the spot average of the valued values ​​is evaluated. If the next year is evaluated positively, the pipe will “click”. If disputed, the pipe is zeroed.

Evaluated for individual years with subsequent PRIBOR interbank rates.

The new hedge fund P Invest is offered as a part of the investment life insurance Guarantee. In this case, you must enter into contract two from 1 to 30 November 2007.

Vpoet evaluated ESPA S zajitn fond 30 a ESPA S secured fund 31 esk spoitelny depart from your course action 25 globlnch company.

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