You have heard of tens, hundreds, thousands… this is one of the common units used in life today. However, tens of thousands is a unit of calculation that is not commonly used but you often hear in Chinese martial arts movies. So How much is 1 thousand?? Do you know how to convert to this unit in good swordplay movies? If not, please find the answer with through the content of the article below.

Quick answer 1 thousand is how much?

Do you know how much is 1 thousand?

How to convert: How much is one thousand?

One thousand is a unit of calculation similar to the units of hundred, thousand… However, the ten thousand unit is rarely used in life because this unit is consistent with the ancient feudal style.

Accordingly, thousands are converted in units as follows:

1 thousand = 10 thousand = 10,000 (One ten thousand equals ten thousand)

In addition, you can redeem:

  • 10 thousand = 100 thousand = 100,000 (Ten friends equals one hundred thousand).
  • 100 thousand = 1000 thousand = 1,000,000 (One hundred thousand equals one million).

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Do you know how much is 1 thousand?

Some other common conversion units used in ancient times:

In addition to the ten thousand unit, in the languages ​​commonly used in swordplay you also often hear of units such as hours (to calculate time) and miles (to calculate distances).

Surely you also hear a lot in the swordplay movies and do not fully understand the meaning of these units. Then will help you answer:

* How much is 1 hour?

According to the ancients, the clock is divided by 12 animals corresponding to 24 hours. One hour corresponds to one animal equivalent to today’s hourly conversion as follows:

1 hour = 2 hours

*1 mile is how much?

The mile, denoted by the Mile, is a unit of distance measurement that dates back to ancient times. The mile is rarely used today, but this unit is very common in martial arts movies. Accordingly, 1 mile is calculated with the following regulations:

1 legal mile = 5. 280 Feed (Approximately 1, 609 m)

Hopefully with the useful information of you will find yourself the answer to how much 1 thousand is equal to and other units of calculation in the past. Don’t forget to visit regularly to update as much useful information as possible.