Hướng dẫn cách tạo số điện thoại ảo +84 Việt Nam để kích hoạt tin nhắn

How to create a virtual phone number +84 Vietnam To receive activation messages is a fairly simple trick, you only need a few steps to have a virtual phone number to activate SMS when registering for an account like Google or other services that need a phone number. However, when creating a virtual phone number +84 Vietnam, you need to choose reputable websites that allow you to receive SMS activation and not be detected by the scanning system as a virtual number. .

So how to create a virtual phone number +84 Vietnam for receiving activation messages? Let’s tips.com.vn Discover below.

Instructions on how to create a virtual phone number +84 Vietnam to activate messages

How to create a virtual phone number +84 – Vietnam to receive SMS activation?

Why do you need a virtual phone number to receive activation messages?

When the 4.0 technology era develops, the need to own a phone number does not stop at regular voice calls or texting, but it also helps you activate registration of social network accounts. such as zalo, Viber, Facebook, email activation… register for Shopee, tiki, lazada accounts for shopping needs etc…

In addition, activation by phone number also helps you quickly recover your password when you accidentally forget your login password, or recover your account when someone intentionally breaks into your personal account.

Instructions on how to create a virtual phone number +84 Vietnam to receive activation messages:

Creating a phone number +84 Vietnam to receive SMS activation is done through an online website. And the operation is not too complicated, you just need to follow each instruction as follows:

Step 1. First, visit the link address https://www.textnow.com/ to create yourself a free account on this website.

Step 2. Create an account on the web by clicking the . button Sign Up Free as shown below.

Step 3. When moving to another window, you can quickly log in to the website through optional suggestions from the system such as Facebook account, Google account, Gmail account, etc.

Step 4. After successful account registration, you just need to enter the country code of Vietnam as 84then press the . button Enter your area code. Don’t forget to tick the box i’m not a robot to confirm.

Step 5. Soon you will receive a virtual phone number displayed on the system. To view information about the newly created virtual phone number, click the . button Got it on the screen.

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Top websites that support creating virtual phone numbers +84 Vietnam for free

Besides the website textnow.com as above, you can use some of the following websites to create yourself a virtual phone number with Vietnam area code quickly and with a few steps similar to the above. Specifically, it is the address of the website:

  • http://7sim.net/
  • https://receive-sms.cc
  • http://receivefreesms.com/
  • https://sms.sellaite.com/
  • https://www.sendatext.co/free-text
  • …….

Hopefully with a few lines of instructions on how to create a virtual phone number +84 Vietnam to receive activation messages that tip.com.vn sent to you in this article is the useful information you are looking for. Now finding yourself a phone number to register a social network account or accounts that need SMS activation or creating a phone number Mobis switchboard It’s very simple, isn’t it?

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