Cách hiển thị lệnh trong cad như thế nào? 1

Show command in cad is a keyword that many autocad users are interested in searching for. Show commands in cad default is always displayed however, sometimes autocad command not showing in cad and this is exactly why many people search. The following article tip.com.vn will guide you how to display commands in cad how.

I. Lost command in cad.

As the image below, autocad is not showing the command in cad, now let’s perform the following steps to display the command bar in cad.

How to display commands in cad?  first

II. How to show command line in cad, show command bar in cad.

Way 1: On the keyboard press the . key Ctrl + 9 so that the command bar in autocad is displayed.

Way 2: Next, press select Tools then choose Command Line like the image below.

How to display commands in cad?  2

Command line not showing in cad

In the case below, when entering the command L but no command prompt appears or not show command on cursor in cad. To display commands on cad screen Now do the following steps.

How to display commands in cad?  3

Way 1: Right click Command line choose Input Settings -> Auto complete.

How to display commands in cad?  4

Next, try to enter ERROR command and see the results.

How to display commands in cad?  5

How to display commands on cursor in cad

In the case when entering the command but only displayed on the Command Line but not the command at the mouse pointer as shown below thow to do?

How to display commands in cad?  6

Press the F12 key sthen try typing the command to see if the case still happens cad does not show commands on the screen right next to the cursor.

How to display commands in cad?  7


Here are all the how to show command on screen in cad often used. Hope the article is useful to you. Good luck.