The property is about to be sold and suddenly it turns out: there is a flood of brokers. 30,000 of them in Germany alone. How are you supposed to find the right one? There are four steps that are particularly helpful.

There are brokers for every property.

Dhe housing shortage in metropolitan areas is a burden for tenants and potential home buyers. Because real estate has long ceased to be cheap. But it has a nice downside for others: times have seldom been better for home sellers in the trendy cities than they are now. You can get dream prices.

Selling a house or apartment is much more time-consuming than finding a new tenant. Often technical and legal questions, for example building regulations, have to be clarified and a realistic sales price found. The creditworthiness of a buyer has to be checked and a notarized purchase agreement has to be drawn up. Not every seller has the inclination or the time to do so. And not everyone lives in the property themselves and can show the property to interested parties. This is where the brokers come into play, who in the best case scenario take on all of these tasks. There are around 30,000 in Germany, around 12,000 of them full-time. It then depends primarily on them whether the sale will be a success. Therefore, choosing the right broker is important. But that is not so easy. Because a broker does not have to have any training, anyone can do the job. The differences in quality are correspondingly large. Sometimes there are even scammers among them. Brokers must not have a criminal record and must have a trade license. They have had to continue their education since August 1st, but only 20 hours in three years. Nothing more is required.