How to minimize, enlarge the computer screen on Windows, macOS simply

How to reduce or enlarge the computer screen follow the instructions How to minimize or maximize the screen of Windows and Mac computers below of

1. How to minimize the computer screen.

1.1 Windows.

Method 1: Use the Ctrl + function key combination.

Step 1: First, you need to visit the website to be minimized.

Step 2: At the interface of the website, press the key combination Ctrl + “–” button.

Method 2: Use the mouse wheel

Keep key Ctrl at the same time Roll the roller down to minimize the website interface (zoom out).

Method 3: Minimize the screen with Magnifier

Step 1: First, launch Magnifier

Enter keywords Magnifier into the search box of Start Menu –> Click select application Magnifier.

Step 2: Use Magnifier to minimize the screen.

Press knot ” – ” to adjust to get the appropriate ratio according to the requirements of use.

Next, you can choose how to display the Magnifier: Full Screen, Lens and Docked.

  • Full Screen: The full screen will be magnified.
  • Lens: The area around the mouse pointer is magnified. When you move the mouse anywhere, the content in that area will display according to the scale you have selected.
  • Docked: Allows the user to magnify only part of the screen, the rest is normal.

1. 2 For MacOS computers.

Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom out.

If zoom is already enabled on your computer, you’re now ready to get started. Press the key combination Option + Command + 8

You will enable or disable the zoom function. This is a useful way to check if the Zoom function is enabled. If it is not enabled, please follow the steps below.

Press the key combination Option + Command + Minus (-) : Minimize the screen.

Note: It is important to remember that each Zoom command may be different on some MAC versions, so the above methods are applicable to Mac Sierra and recent updates. best.

2. Instructions on how to enlarge the computer screen.

To enlarge the computer screen, you just need to do the opposite of the above way.


Above is Instructions on how to minimize and enlarge the computer screen on Windows, macOS a simple way for your reference. Good luck.