Cách tag bạn bè vào bình luận, trạng thái Status trên Facebook

When you need to tag someone in a comment or status on Facebook, how do you do it? In this article, Tip.com.vn will guide you how to tag friends in status, comment, comment on fb The easiest.

When writing a good status in a New comment in Facebook you need to tag or tag a friend in that status or comment, the feature called Tag Friend is very easy to do, see the instructions right away?

How to tag friends in comments, Status on Facebook

You just need to add the character @ before and press first character of the name of the person you need to tag as shown above

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What is tagging friends on Facebook?

Tag your friends on facebook Enter the status or comment where you want to attract your friends to see or follow something you want to tell your friends. Then your friends will receive a notification that they have tagged that person in your status or comment.

How to tag friends in comments, Facebook status (status)

When you need Tag someone in the comments or status you click where you want to tag, type @ in front, then write slowly tbring my friend in Then Facebook will suggest your friend’s name below you choose the name of your friend you want to Tag and press Enter or Left-click on the person you want to tag.

+2 ways to do Tag your friends on Facebook

  1. You directly enter the name of the friend you want to tag then Facebook will display the names of your friends with the same letter or the same name.
  2. In case when you enter the name but facebook does not show the name of the friend you want to TAG, please follow the instructions to try typing with accents, without accents.

For example: I want to TAG Nguyen Thi Cam Tien = @tien or @Cam Tien

Then Facebook will suggest the correct name you want to tag

So, you already know how to tag friends to comment on Facebook status. It’s that simple, isn’t it!

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How to TAG friends in comments, status on iOS or Android phones

You use tag friends by typing “@” + Name of the person you want to TAG

Or type slowly each letter to find a suggestion of the name of the friend you want to TAG?


Have you tagged your friends in the comments or on the status share (Status) yet? If you have any questions or difficulties or comment below, we will do it or guide you again, okay?