The day difference may not be between the price in the Czech Republic and Austria per week for comparable services. How much do you pay in total for the ski room? Where is the cheapest and how to learn as much as possible?

Alps and Giant Mountains: same tracks?

tyi tisce korun. This is the difference between the price allowed in the pindlers Mln and the Austrian Ski Amad. What do you ask for as a reward? Is it worth it to pay? And do you have to be working abroad at all?

Hostels and ski passes in one – uette tisce

Paul. Lkadlo, na zkuen lya sly. Hide below the appropriate price conditions of hostels and ski passes or ski passes. How did he give discounts on vsakaj?

Ski passes are much more expensive last year

Free parking and toilets, including refreshments on the slopes, access roads to the resort – in some of the winter areas here are a bit lagging behind abroad. Is it even priced?

Cheap and expensive ski: how to water as cheaply as possible

It is true that lyovn is an expensive end. And it is true. even those with an empty penis have to water the bag. What equipment can they get and where to go to the mountains?

5 tips on how to get up

How to choose a ski trip for the whole family so that you do not spend more on it, it is not necessary? What is worth remembering and which rules to follow?

The time suitable for concluding compulsory liability for five years is bl. Which insurance company would be most suitable for vs?

Navtivte nai speciln plohu Povinn ruen 2006.