The promise to exchange all goods without hesitation no longer applies. Ikea wants to buy back used furniture and offer it in the treasure trove – which saves long sales procedures with classified ads.

In the treasure trove, Ikea sells exhibits and furniture with flaws at a special price.  In the future, used furniture is to be offered here on a large scale.

FFor bargain hunters, a trip to the “treasure trove” has always been part of every visit to Ikea. Shortly before the checkout, the blue and yellow furniture stores have particularly cheap goods in a decidedly simple ambience: exhibits, discontinued models, returns with small flaws. It is quite possible that the space in the Ikea treasure trove will soon be pretty tight. Because on September 1st, the world’s largest furniture company will also become a used goods dealer in Germany. In the future, Ikea will buy used furniture from its own range at a reduced price from its customers, refurbish it if necessary and then offer it again in the treasure trove.

In the coming week, Ikea will distribute its new annual catalog, with a circulation of around 30 million in Germany alone. Then the company, which was founded 75 years ago by Ingvar Kamprad in Älmhult in Sweden as a mail order company for stationery and matches, will publicize this new business idea. It was explained in advance to Dennis Balslev, Managing Director of Ikea in Germany since the beginning of this year, in an interview with the FAS. “Our furniture can withstand more than a family,” he says. “It is also better for the environment to resell them after use than to throw them away.”